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On a glorious fall day in 2012, while sitting in a garden graced by a statue of Mother Mary, Gina Lake heard Mother Mary address her: “You are my beloved child.” This began an ongoing relationship and communication with Mother Mary. Ten Teachings for One World is the little book of wisdom teachings that Mother Mary wished to share with the world. Here is a taste of this wisdom:

“For this transformation to happen, you have to be willing to see yourself differently. You have to be willing to see yourself as the magnificent and loving being that you are and can be. Are you willing? What beliefs keep you from being willing to see yourself this way? How do you see yourself? Do you realize that that is an imagination? You made that up, possibly with the help of others who told you who and what you are. Why not imagine something grander, something much more true, and that will become your experience. This is how you awaken from the illusion of being limited, small, inadequate, less than. Be willing to see yourself as the divine being that you truly are—and you will be!”

Another quote from Ten Teachings for One World: “In between each and every thought is a space, and that is where freedom lies, in experiencing this space. How simple it is to experience it! Anyone can do it. And yet, staying in that experience of space can be so hard. Are you able to experience that space and the sense of spaciousness that comes from that even for just a moment? What is this space like? Is peace there? Is love there? Are clarity and wisdom there? Is strength there? Courage? Patience? Compassion? Yes, all of the qualities of your divine nature are there. That is where they have always been and where they can always be found again when you need them. All you have to do is give your attention to the space in between thoughts instead of to your thoughts. But that attention must be given for more than a second, or these qualities of your true nature will fade quickly from your awareness, as thoughts and the experience that thought creates take over.”

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  • “Finding Gina's writings was like finally receiving a glass of water after spending a day in the dessert. What is communicated through her writing speaks to a place within me that is beyond the stressed-out mind, a place of wholeness and truth.” –Issiah
  •  “Better than Tolle. Gina Lake's work will help you wake up to your Self. The ego is a cruel tyrant, and Gina will help you come to grips. Eckhart Tolle started me on this path, but Lake turned on the lights.” –Miguel
  • “I'm a part-time registered nurse, and this is the best help for handling stress that I have ever experienced. Written in a way that is easy to understand and follow, all of Gina Lake's books have been excellent.” –Ken Raver
  • “This is my new textbook. The author guides you through a place from doing, judging, and being fearful to just being present in the moment, moving past the rush we all seem headed towards without enjoying the journey.” –John Shasteen
  • “I find all of Gina’s books and articles totally riveting. A joy is created in my being that is so full of gratitude, it wants the whole world to know. From this space of joy, I find the capacity to accept others as they are, completely. Thank you, Gina. What a blessing to be alive on the planet at the same time as you!” –Godsgirl
  • “In my lifetime of reading self-help books, no author has come close to Gina Lake in terms of simply and honestly pointing out a direct approach to overcoming negative and harmful thoughts and feelings. It just works. A truly transformative approach.” –J. Tyson
  • “A must for your spiritual library! Gina's words spoke to my soul, and I kept wanting to read more and more. Her knowledge and ability to communicate ideas are really the best I have read, and I have read all the gurus and teachers. A lot of books say this, but this book really can change your life!” –Dave Erickson
  • “This book is amazing. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, and it has helped me immensely. I can say it has definitely quieted my mind and allowed me to enjoy life a lot more. I used to think nonstop. I also felt very connected to my false self, which only brought on a lot of anxiety for me. This book has allowed me to discover my true self.” –Jo
  • “This book is more than techniques. It is the operating manual for humans. It describes our inner workings both before and after enlightenment. Buy this, read or listen to it, and experience a depth of information you wish you had years ago.” –Ira Cohen
  • “I have never been more thankful for a book in my entire life. This book is so inspiring and can truly be life changing. It has brought me a lot of peace and serenity along with a great understanding about how to control my anxiety. I will treasure this gem and will definitely be rereading it.” –C. Lewis

Gina Lake is a nondual spiritual teacher and the author of over twenty books about awakening to one’s true nature. She is also an intuitive and a channel with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology and over twenty-five years’ experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. The focus of her writing and teaching is on helping people be in the present moment and live the happy and fulfilled life that is possible and on shedding light on the ego and other programming that interferes with that. Her teachings are most similar to Eckhart Tolle's, Byron Katie's, Adyashanti's, A Course in Miracles, and other nondual teachings. In 2012, Jesus began dictating books through her, which she receives in the same way that Helen Shucman received A Course in Miracles. You can find out more about that process here. These teachings from Jesus are based on universal truth, not on any religion.
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