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Reviews of In the World but Not of It

“Have you ever wanted Spiritual Truth simply and directly? Not hidden in metaphor or allegory? Over two thousand years ago Jesus said, ‘I have spoken these things in parables with you, but the time is coming when I shall speak with you, not in parables, but I shall declare to you about The Father plainly.’ That hour has come and it is now! In Gina's newest channeled work, In the World but Not of It, Jesus lays out Truth simply and directly using plain language. He shares exactly what the ego is and how and why it does what it does. He does not attack the ego as bad or wrong. He shares that even the ego has Divine Purpose. Jesus gently guides the reader deeper and deeper, sharing exactly how to recognize the ego as thoughts and how to release attachment to them. He then invites the reader to rest back into an always Perfect Presence with great curiosity. Further, he outlines how to get into the body and allow its wonderful senses to fully experience the unfathomable mystery of Creation. This book is like a road map out of the persistent confusion of the thinking mind (and all the emotional side effects) into the brilliant clarity of experiential Presence. Direct teachings like this from the Master are priceless. It is like Jesus answers the reader's question even before one thinks to ask it. I invite you to dive deeply into the gift this book is.  I promise you will not be disappointed. The ego may squirm at much of what Jesus shares in this text, but your Soul will sing its eternal song of ‘I AM Here, I AM Here.’ This is not a book to speed read, rather it is a gift of Freedom to be savored.  Engage it gently, slowly, even restfully. Doing so will quicken the Spiritual Alchemy that is suffusing every line on every page. Great gratitude to Gina for allowing Jesus to work through her with such clarity.” –John Mark Stroud

“I am so grateful that Gina brought this important book through at this critical time. It is a VERY Advanced Teaching made simple (not easy, yet simple)! As an ontological coach, I will be sharing this book with all my sincere Truth Students. I particularly appreciated the focus on compassionate awareness and on noticing what notices! The view of the ego as a developmental phase of human development I find extremely helpful. This is a Radical Teaching, compassionately distilled to make it accessible for our current time, space, and level of development. Thank you, Gina!” –Dr. David Kamnitzer

“Gina Lake has brought through a body of work that is so transformative that you can feel the transmission when you read the words. This book, in particular, has the resonance of the Christ light, which makes sense, since Jesus is behind it. The teachings in this phenomenal book shows us a way out of ego consciousness and into unity consciousness. This is the path of an awakened one. For those of us in the process of awakening (and we all are to varying degrees), the book serves as a guide to a truth one may be discovering on one's own but can't quite articulate. This gives us the language to understand the process, and in addition to this, useful tools to pull ourselves out of old habitual patterns that keep us in the framework of ego. There are very few books that bring through such high level teachings with a balance of both truth and love. This is one of those books, and I will recommend this book to all my students.” –Jenai Lane

“This book is a treasure. I love it. It came at the perfect time, as all things do. Like Gina, I am a teacher living in Presence and helping others do this too. Reading this book from Presence, every word is true and only deepens this experience of Presence. Gina’s clear, simple style, I think, will give anyone this experience. It is so straightforward and accessible to everyone. It is a book for everyone, those already living in Presence and those who soon will be. Once we awaken to this Presence and live here, the journey is not over. How does Awake Presence function in this world?... This is the important question this book addresses so well. How do we live in the world but not of it? A Course in Miracles is a wonderful book for removing the beliefs that keep us trapped in a thought-world, unable to experience life as it is. But once this is done, there is another step: How do we bring this to the world? How do we live in the world but not of it? I can’t recommend this wonderful book highly enough.” –Peter Cutler, nondual spiritual teacher

“This amazing teacher/author/person acts as a prism for the transmission of Christ consciousness from the eternal light into the world as we currently know it. Through her, a loving guide carefully walks us along on our journey to our heart's fulfillment. The light is so bright with this one that it is touching into the darkest of areas of confusion and misunderstanding. Through it, a thirst for clarity is being quenched and a beautiful glow of evolving consciousness is radiating from within.” –Issiah Toner

“Out of this world teachings from perhaps the world’s greatest teacher. The work of Gina Lake is extraordinary. This book, which Ms. Lake tells her readers comes from Jesus, like Neale Donald Walsh's words come from God, contains so much wisdom and is written with such veracity and goodness, it swept me up in its ideas and stays with me.” –R. Z.

“WOW is all I can say about In the World but Not of It. It is a book full of knowledge and love. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey this book will provide meaningful insight. With all honesty, I can say my life has been changed by reading this.” –Andy Parks

"This book changed my life. My spiritual teacher's mentor is Gina Lake, and I got to hear her speak and lead a guided meditation last October in Sedona. At that retreat I bought this book from her and I have read it twice, and am now on my third read. Every time I get something more from it. Her writing speaks to me on a deep level and helps me see the truth of my Self in simple terms. While reading this book, awakening feels within my reach and not impossible anymore. I feel supported when I read it, and if I'm having a hard time sleeping, a few pages relaxes my mind enough to where I can fall asleep. This book is marvelous all around and I highly recommend it." –Stacy Conlon

“I read with great appreciation the words, the concepts, the healing, and the love within this book. Never having read any of the ‘scribe’ Gina Lake's books and knowing nothing of her abilities as a scribe of the Christ Consciousness, I found the title intriguing and liked the cover art. Though initially skeptical, I still felt open to reading it. I was impressed with the writing In the World but Not of It being constant, clear, and concise, with Truth ringing off the pages! Wise, healthy guidance on being human and the eternal value in discovering our Spiritual Self. I am thankful to know about these teachings and peace in Presence. I cherish having read this book, and I plan to keep a copy close by and give to family and friends.” –CLK

“A must read. Wow! What a love-packed book! There is no area of my life it did not touch and no pertinent question in my mind did it leave unanswered. I pray that this book becomes prescribed for all people to read.” –gcinasheg

“Absolutely amazing book, quite possibly the best book I've ever read about non-duality. My only concern is that the whole ‘written by Jesus’ aspect could possibly alienate some potential readers who might otherwise be more open to the excellent content of the book.” –Toni Gee

“Gina continues to be a messenger of the divine grace-filled Presence that resides within and through all of us and the whole of creation! Gina has given voice and validation to the most direct path of communion that I have always known as the natural eternal way of truth! I am so very thankful that I can call her friend and a true spiritual companion upon this pathless path of eternal love, life, and joy, truly a journey into the ultimate reality of Being that we all are and share. I fully endorse and recommend Gina and all of her writings because of her gift of love, inspiration, wisdom and her ability to empower and support people in their spiritual maturity and growth!” –Father Michael Sherbert

“I always feel extraordinarily blessed when I read a Gina Lake book. Though all of them take me to the classroom where a Master is teaching, I feel extra special when I read one where Jesus is the master teacher. I always feel as though I’m being taught on a very personal level—as if the beautiful Being who is Jesus knew me personally, as if this curriculum was designed just for me. (Of course, right here is where Jesus would say, ‘I do know you personally, and this was not only designed for you, but by you.’) From Heart to Heart. I feel as though her other books, The Jesus Trilogy and A Heroic Life, led to this book making so much sense. In In the World but Not of It, Jesus further defines and breaks down the program that the ego is, giving us more tools to help us disengage from ego identification (being lost in the illusion). He also further expands our understanding of who and what we truly are—Presence—helping us to not only experience Presence, but to eventually realize that we are Presence.” –Gary Heard

“I love this book! It’s a perfect companion to all ACIM students and teachers, for it encompasses the core themes and values of ACIM in a simple format that provides practical guidance for everyday use. The guidance our elder brother offers in the pages of this book is priceless. I highly recommend this book as the perfect complement to ACIM and the perfect first book to all you love and care for who may not appear to be ready now for opening A Course in Miracles.” –David Fishman, ACIM teacher

“I was not raised in the Christian tradition, but I can't think about Jesus without feeling tremendous love and gratitude. The Bible has distorted his heart-based, non-dual teachings, but Gina has captured his original message with her lucid and grounded prose. I could feel the healing transmission of the words as I read, and I felt lighter and calmer after reading. I've read The Jesus Trilogy by Gina, which I recommend as well, but I found this book particularly helpful. I appreciated the focus on healing energetic blocks, viewing egoic traits, such as fear and perfectionism, as simply distortions of positive traits, such as caution and care, and the power of extricating guilt around addiction, which is so prevalent in our culture. An uplifting gift to humanity!” –Seda Unlucay

“Gina as well as her husband Nirmala know truth by being Truth. Their books are a reflection of this direct knowing. This particular book, resonates to the depth of my soul like no other. The ‘Christ Conscious’ words spoken through Gina are a testament to a path that does transform our egoic mind... If you have a deep longing to know who and what you really are, this is the way. I by no means am saying that this is the only way, yet it is the one that resonates to me and many others that have chosen a spiritual path which supports our realization of an objective reality and how to live it.” –Scott Vitello

“When a book is touted as being one in which Jesus speaks, you wonder naturally. But when you read these pages, it's like he is actually sitting there with you telling you all about what he was saying years and years ago.” –Israni

"This book, like all of Gina's books that I've read so far, is one of the most helpful I have ever read on my path of awakening, especially on the topic of divine embodiment. It contains a transmission of energy that, as others have noted, has a way of bringing awakening out of ego consciousness suddenly within reach. It is not really about the words, although they are clear and flow beautifully—and I appreciate that as a professional editor! Rather, it is the clear, relatively unfiltered transmission from a highly-evolved being that makes this book so valuable. Because it comes from such a high space, however, readers will receive this transmission only to the degree they are asking for it. I pray that one day we may all trust ourselves and God enough to realize that the Word of God lives within each of us and can never be captured in the pages of any book. Until that day Gina Lake's books and those of a handful of other authors like her will serve as beacons for those of us who have chosen to make awakening our first priority in life. There is no need for dogma when you can trust the voice of Love within your own heart, and this is what it really means to follow Christ. Thank you Gina for making your books affordable and easily accessible. They are doing great work in the world." –Natalie Doel

"At last, an end to hopelessness. Understanding the term of the title and what the ego is and why is very helpful to me. The basic teaching of the Christian religion is confusing. Lake's explanation of Jesus' teaching is so helpful. I've read several of her books and feel confident in their truths and my purpose. I recommend this book to anyone who is open to truth.” –Granny

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When I saw this book I knew it was something that I needed to read. I knew already what I read, but the book just validated it. It is a spiritual awakening for those on the journey to enlightenment. You won't be disappointed.” L. Manley

“This is a wonderful book! A new/old wisdom is infusing itself into the world, a ‘higher knowledge’ that, if you are willing to listen, can set you free. Jesus embodied that wisdom 2000 years ago, but its meaning fell onto mostly deaf ears and/or became distorted beyond recognition by those who did not understand and would turn His teachings into a religion. The true teachings of Jesus are back with a clarity and profundity we, as this humanity, are finally ready for. You must read this book.” Steven Pfister

“This book was one of the best books I've read when it comes to understanding the language of the ego; it felt clear, relatable, as if a friend were reading it to me. I've often felt discouraged after reading books about the false self, the present moment, etc, but this book brought much more peace than confusion and the ‘what now??’ feeling. I especially appreciated the part about habits and addictions and think it's very important for many people to read.” –Carla Budd

“In the world but not of it… like many other people all over the world, this statement used to fascinate me, all the while being seemingly unattainable. What does that even mean? To me, it meant a sort of freedom, a liberation from the prison of social conditioning and worldly fears and limiting beliefs. It meant being an active part of humanity, without buying into the illusions and limitations of our conditioning and programming. Now, through Gina's book, I finally was able to nail it on the head, to finally grasp it. I cannot thank Gina enough for her work.” –David G.

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