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8 Steps to Love

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What could be more important than love! Everyone wants love, but how do you get it? There are things you can do to experience more love in your life, whether you are in a relationship or not. Each week in this 8-week course presents a principle that will make it possible to experience more love and happiness. These very simple principles can change your life and your relationships. Each week is more than an explanation of each principle; it is an opportunity to practice and integrate that principle and to explore anything that might interfere with doing that. Price $75.
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 More about 8 Steps to Love...
choosing loveThis course will help you have more loving relationships by helping you move beyond your ego and conditioning, which cause so much pain in relationships. Find out how you may be sabotaging the love that is possible and what you can do to transform your relationships by simply changing your relationship to your own thoughts. You have the power to determine how much love you will experience in any moment and in any relationship! Learn to unlock and express the love that is your true nature.

jesus speaking 1This course contains information, practices, exercises, videos, and guided meditations to help you master eight steps that will bring more love into your relationships and more happiness into your life. It is an adjunct to Gina’s book Choosing Love: Moving from Ego to Essence in Relationships, which is included in the course as a pdf. As part of the course, you will also receive Gina's channeled audiobook, Jesus Speaking on Falling in Love with Life. In it, you will discover how to become the loving, strong, and peaceful being you are meant to be, which Jesus exemplified. By doing a few simple things and shifting your perspective in small ways, which are explained in each of the chapters, you can become a lover of life.

•    How the ego interferes with love and happiness,
•    How to overcome the judgments and negativity that poison relationships,
•    How to handle the feelings that come up in relationship,
•    How to deal constructively with anger, conflict, and differences in relationships,
•    How to be more accepting and forgiving,
•    How to find happiness, peace, and contentment within yourself, and
•    How to be present in the moment and to your partner.
Here's what participants have to say...
  • “Thank you Gina for making it so clear who I really am. Your talk on lesson 3 helped me have a taste or an inkling on an experiential level that I am actually the one watching all the goings on in life... Not judging blows my mind. It will be so freeing. Seeing this is changing my life a lot. I'm glad I'm doing this course!”  S. R.

  • "I look forward to each lesson when it arrives because they have so much to offer about how to love people in general, including oneself.” –Shari
  •  “I am so happy I signed on to your online course. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made... Relationships are very important to me, and I am learning from this course how judgments and not being thankful can create roadblocks to a successful relationship. You are doing an excellent job, and I look forward to receiving my next lesson!” –Roy
  •  “As someone who is in love with seeking Truth and has been on the path for a long time, I find your teachings refreshing and powerful. You have a unique way of bringing forth revelation that comes from a loving feminine perspective accompanied by your deep understanding of psychology.  Also there is an accessibility and humility about you which I find can be rare in spiritual teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed both the How to Quiet Your Mind and Waking Up courses.” –Paula K.
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