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If you like Echart Tolle or Marianne Williamson, then you will love this new book by Gina Lake:

All Grace

New Teachings from Jesus on the Truth About Life

Grace is the aspect of God that acts in the world to fulfill Thy will and carry out the divine design. Grace is the mysterious and unseen movement of God upon creation, which is motivated by love and indistinct from love. All Grace: New Teachings from Jesus on the Truth About Life was given to Gina Lake by Jesus and represents his wisdom and understanding of life. It is about the magnificent and incomprehensible force behind life, which created life, sustains it, and operates within it as you and me and all of creation. Life is a mystery, but the truth about life is not actually hidden for those who are willing to look beyond the usual assumptions about life. All Grace is full of profound and life-changing truth. Here are just a few of the many truths explored in All Grace:
  • The intelligence behind life has a design.
  • The Designer and the design are good. Life is good!
  • You are not in control of life, and you don’t need to be.
  • You don’t know very much for certain, and you don’t need to.
  • Life is a school. Your experiences are your teachers.
  • Everyone is learning, and everyone is teaching.
  • Everything is unfolding as it needs to.
  • You always have whatever you need to deal with whatever life brings you.
  • Love is what heals. Love is what changes hearts.
Purchase All Grace today on Amazon: Paperback for $14.95   Kindle for just $4.99   Audiobook (coming soon)
Purchase on other ebook stores: iBooks   Nook   Kobo   Google Play
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