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Radical Happiness Blog

Announcing a New Online Course with Gina Lake

Announcing The Radical Happiness 8-Week Online Course
The Radical Happiness Course with Gina Lake has been carefully designed to provide you with a foundation for awakening and to increase your happiness through spiritual practices, a structure for doing those practices, and support, encouragement, and feedback from Gina throughout. This 8-week online course uses a combination of written text, instructional videos and audios, guided meditations, inquiries, and exercises. The practices include four types of meditation, spiritual inquiry, breathing practices, a gratitude practice, love and forgiveness practices, prayer, and others.
By committing to spiritual practices over an 8-week period, including one hour of meditation and an additional hour of other practices and activities each day, you will be forming new lifestyle habits and making changes to your brain that will have lasting effects. As a result of these time-honored spiritual practices, you will learn to move out of the usual ego-driven state of consciousness into Presence and to live increasingly from that alive, awake state. This course provides something that spiritual books and teachings alone cannot.
You are encouraged to bring an attitude of joyful exploration to the activities. Although it's suggested you examine any resistance you may have to meditating for an hour or doing any of the other practices or exercises, struggling, straining, and “shoulding” are not allowed :-) Instead, you are encouraged to find ways to do the activities that fit for you and are enjoyable and work for you. This course offers many practices and activities you will find helpful, but no one is insisting you do them a certain way or even in a particular time frame if that’s not working for you. This is your course, for you to use in a way you see fit.

This course is for you if...

You wish you meditated regularly, but you just can’t find the right method or motivation to stick with it.
You’re looking for practices and ways to increase your happiness.
You feel you need more structure and guidance from a teacher to get established in a practice of meditation.
You'd like some help applying the spiritual practices in Gina's books and in learning new ones.

You can register and begin this course at any time. After you've registered, you'll receive access to the first week's materials. Then each week after that for eight weeks, you'll receive the next week's materials. After you've completed the course, you'll continue to have access to all of the course materials. The cost is $179.
To register for The Radical Happiness Course, please go here.

Tags: happiness, online course, spiritual practices

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