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Radical Happiness Blog

Announcing 3 New Online Courses

28 Days to Less Stress online course: We can do a lot to reduce the stress in our lives, since stress is largely created by how we think about things and by how much we pay attention to our own thoughts—the voice in our head. This voice is a voice of fear, panic, judgment, blaming, and shaming. It pushes us, hurries us, tells us what to do and when, and disparages us. This online course by Gina Lake provides strategies that will help you disengage from such stress-producing thoughts. At the end of 28 days, you’ll have many new tools for overcoming stress and bringing more peace and joy into your life. A pdf of Gina Lake’s book From Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner Peace is included in this course as a further resource for those who want to delve more deeply into this subject. You can register for this course and begin it at any time. Once you are registered, you’ll receive a tip or practice every day for 28 days. After you've completed the course, you'll continue to have access to all of the course materials. $25.
For more information about 28 Days to Less Stress online course, go here.
A Contemplation a Day online course: Every day for 60 days, you will receive a short contemplation by Gina Lake, in both written and audio form and set to music, for you to enjoy and ponder at your leisure. These essays and audios are intended to wake you up out of your ordinary consciousness and help you live with more happiness, love, contentment, gratitude, and awe. You will learn what true happiness is and how to experience it; what interferes with happiness; the truth about the mind and who you really are; how the egoic mind keeps you from being happy; how to free yourself from suffering; and what the experience of your true self is like. You can register for this course and begin it at any time. $35.
For more information about A Contemplation a Day online course, go here.
8 Steps for Transforming Your Relationships online course: This 8-week course by Gina Lake contains information, practices, exercises, videos, and guided meditations to help you master eight steps that will bring more love into your relationships and more happiness into your life. You will learn what you can do to get love flowing; how the ego interferes with love and happiness; how to overcome the judgments and negativity that poison relationships; how to handle the feelings that come up in relationship; how to deal constructively with anger, conflict, and differences in relationships; how to be more accepting and forgiving; how to find happiness, peace, and contentment within yourself; how to be present in the moment and to your partner; and how to experience the divine in your partner. This course is an adjunct to Gina’s book Choosing Love: Moving from Ego to Essence in Relationships, which is included in the course as a pdf. You can register for this course and begin it at any time. $35.
For more information about 8 Steps for Transforming Your Relationships online course, go here.
For information about all courses, please go here.

Tags: happiness, stress management,, online course, relationships

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