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Radical Happiness Blog

Just Released: In the World but Not of It Audiobook

IWaudiobookforwebIn the World but Not of It: New Teachings from Jesus on Embodying the Divine. From the Introduction, by Jesus: “What I have come to teach now is that you can embody love, as I did. You can become Christ within this human life and learn to embody all that is good within you. I came to show you the beauty of your own soul and what is possible as a human. I came to show you that it is possible to be both human and divine, to be love incarnate. You are equally both. You walk with one foot in the world of form and another in the Formless. This mysterious duality within your being is what this book is about. The consciousness that is within me is also within you. You are the son as equally as I am. You are the ‘I am’ I spoke about. You and I are one. You and everyone else are one. Many are ready for the Christ within to come forward and manifest in the world more fully. The birthing of this Christ—of Christ Consciousness—is the true second coming. ‘Christ Consciousness,’ as I am using it, points to the divinity within everyone and the potential for that divinity to become a living reality, to become what lives you. I was an example of that possibility in my lifetime two thousand years ago.” This book was given to Gina Lake by Jesus. It is part of a series of books, including A Heroic Life and The Jesus Trilogy. 5 hours.

Did you know that if you've purchased the paperback or ebook on Amazon.com, you can buy the audiobook for $1.99 on Audible.com? Most audiobooks cost at least $15.00, so that is a very big savings! If you've bought the book on Amazon, to get the $1.99 audiobook, go to the book's audiobook page on Amazon, and it should offer it for $1.99. The audiobook page is here

Purchase audiobook: on Amazon   on iTunes

Tags: awakening, enlightenment, audiobook

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