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Radical Happiness Blog

Listen to a Talk from the New Online Course Waking Up

Waking Up

A Self-Guided 8-Week Online Course

Below, you can listen to a 40-minute talk from this new online course.

We all struggle with the voice in our head, which scolds us, judges us, tells us how to be, who we are, and what to do. What we don’t always realize is that this voice is not our true voice, but a voice of negativity and limitation. It is the voice of the false self, not the true self. A happier and more fulling life is possible when we learn to disengage from this voice and live from a deeper place, from our true being.

In this 8-week online course, you will learn how to free yourself from the false self and its negative and limiting beliefs. You will see clearly how the egoic mind, which creates the false self, operates and draws you into its illusory, virtual reality and creates suffering. More importantly, you will find out what you can do about it—how you can wake up out of the egoic mind and live as your true self. You will discover how living this way is not only more creative, wise, peaceful, and loving, but also safe and provides for all your needs. The materials in this course consist of 14 hours of audios and many lengthy excerpts from six of Gina Lake’s books. This course is an excellent entry point into the teachings presented in Gina’s books.

You will learn:

•    What the false self and ego are
•    The voices, or personas, of the ego
•    How the false self is maintained
•    How to work with fears and desires
•    How to clear negativity and reprogram the mind
•    Practices and methods for waking up and being present
•    How to live in present moment awareness
•    How to speak and act from Presence
•    Lifestyle changes that support Presence

You can register for this course and begin it at any time. Once you’ve registered, you’ll begin receiving materials each week for eight weeks. After you've completed the course, you'll continue to have access to all of the course materials. $35

The link below will take you to a registration page where you will be able to pay for the course through PayPal or with a credit card. If this doesn’t work for you and you’d like to pay with a personal check, please send a check made out to Gina Lake to P.O. Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340 with a note about what it is for and your email address. Then she will enroll you.

Listen to a 40-minute talk from this new online course:

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