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Listen to an Excerpt from All Grace Audiobook

AGaudiobookAll Grace audiobook just released!

Grace is the aspect of God that acts in the world to fulfill Thy will and carry out the divine design. Grace is the mysterious and unseen movement of God upon creation, which is motivated by love and indistinct from love. All Grace was given to Gina Lake by Jesus and represents his wisdom and understanding of life. It is about the magnificent and incomprehensible force behind life, which created life, sustains it, and operates within it as you and me and all of creation. Life is a mystery, but the truth about life is not actually hidden for those who are willing to look beyond the usual assumptions about life.
Listen to an excerpt from All Grace audiobook:

All Grace: New Teachings from Jesus on the Truth About Life is now available as an audiobook on Amazon, Audible.com and iTunes.com:

Purchase audiobook: on Amazon   on iTunes
Did you know that you can get the audiobook of All Grace for $7.49 (usually at least $15) from Audible.com if you have purchased that book as a paperback or ebook on Amazon? Just sign in with the account you used to purchase the book and go to the audiobook page for All Grace on Amazon, and it should list the price as $7.49 if you previously have purchased the book. This reduced price for audiobooks is true for any of Gina’s audiobooks. For information about all of Gina’s audiobooks, please go to: http://www.radicalhappiness.com/books/audiobooks
Purchase All Grace on Amazon:  Paperback   Kindle   Audiobook
Purchase on other ebook stores: iBooks   Nook   Kobo   Google Play
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