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Here you will find books by Gina Lake, which will help you awaken to your true nature and live in greater peace and happiness. You can read descriptions of each book, excerpts, and reviews by clicking on the covers below. These books are available in paperback and in all ebook formats. Most ebooks are $2.99-4.99. Most of her books are also available as audiobooks.

If you need help deciding which book is right for you, a list of all books with their descriptions is here. If you aren't sure where to start, the book From Stress to Stillness and the Waking Up online course are especially good entry points to these teachings, although you can start with any book or course you feel drawn to. The most recent books are shown below, while the side menu contains a list of all of Gina's books.

Gina's most recent books were given to her by Jesus. More information about this process and her relationship with Jesus is here. Her first channeled audiobook, Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life, is now available. Her fourth book by Jesus, All Grace, has just been released.

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