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Reviews of From Stress to Stillness

“Better than Tolle. Gina Lake's work will help you wake up to your Self. This is her best work. The ego is a cruel tyrant, and Gina will help you come to grips. Eckhart Tolle started me on this path, but Lake turned on the lights.” –Miguel

“I am only 38 pages into this book and already my life is happier and more peaceful. I am reading it slowly, savoring the jewels in each sentence. If you haven't given yourself the gift of a Gina Lake book, this one is an excellent starting point. In her classic style, she masterfully conveys high spiritual teachings in simple, practical ways. I started this book only four days ago, and I am already feeling its effects in so many areas of my life. I'm a huge multi-tasker and busier with work than I have been. Yet, thanks to this book, I am experiencing tremendous peace, even in this extremely stressful period of my life. I am able to work more efficiently because I've stop ruminating about all the things I have to do. In addition, I've been noticing how often I create artificial goals and deadlines for myself and the unnecessary stress this causes me. If I do choose to multitask, I notice the impact it’s having on my state of being. If I feel contracted, I stop. If not, I realize that this is a kind of multi-tasking I can do. My usual approach, would have been to race through this book, but reading it has helped me realize that life is not a race. Instead, I will start over and take my time with this incredibly valuable gift that Gina Lake has given to the world. Who knows, I may be reading it all year. The first few pages alone have taken me to a place of peace and freedom that I didn't think was possible in the midst of an unusually busy time in my life. I feel so blessed and grateful!” –Laura Prue

"In my lifetime of reading self-help books, no author has come close to Gina Lake in terms of simply and honestly pointing out a direct approach to overcoming negative and harmful thoughts and feelings. It just works. She might just as well title her next book Lasting Happiness, because that is what is left once we find our true nature beyond the veil of our thoughts and emotions. A truly transformative approach, at least for me. I hope this book is as effective for others as it was for me.” –J. Tyson

“Super! A great book for teaching you how to remain calm in stressful situations and how to work through those awful thoughts that keep running through your head.” –Robert Crowther

“I have always been a very anxious and stressed out person. The stress would sometimes get so bad that my body would start to show physical symptoms such as migraines and nausea... When the book club started reading, From Stress to Stillness by Gina Lake, I have never been more thankful for a book in my entire life. This book is so inspiring and can truly be life changing... This book has brought me a lot of peace and serenity along with a great understanding on how to control my anxiety. I found it really interesting to read about what actually causes our stress, and Lake explained it in a perfect and easily understandable manner. I recommend this book to everyone. Everyone has some stress in their life whether it is large or small, it’s there. This book is enlightening and has the ability to help so many people live more peaceful and enjoyable lives. I will treasure this gem and will definitely be rereading From Stress to Stillness when I am stressed out. Thank you Gina Lake.” –Courtney Lewis

“This book is amazing. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, and it has helped me immensely. I can say it has definitely quieted my mind and allowed me to enjoy life a lot more. I used to think nonstop. I also felt very connected to my false self, which only brought on a lot of anxiety for me. This book has allowed me to discover my true self. Thank you so much Gina Lake. Your words are so incredibly inspirational and have truly allowed me to discover some inner peace.” –Jo

From Stress to Stillness is a first step in a learning journey about the stress that we manufacture in our own minds. Gina Lake shares her words of wisdom gently and without pretension, leading the reader gently to a sense of empowerment and control... Lake creates a place for the reader where they may come to understand things about their inner voice and ego, encouraging mindfulness about the way we think. She is not the first person to help readers understand that they are not their inner voice, or that we can overcome and better cope with the negativity our inner voice creates for us, but her methods are different, and simply wonderful. From Stress to Stillness does not judge or over philosophize, but creates a perfectly relatable learning space within the page for readers of any type.” –James Noel

“A perfect distillation of timeless principles. I have been involved with metaphysics and mysticism, both for personal practice and as a facilitator of groups and individuals for nearly 25 years. This book is for me the most complete, clear, and well-presented book outlining Universal Principles in a highly practical way. I will now be recommending it to all my students and clients.” –Tim Rowe

“This book is more than techniques. It is the "operating manual for humans." It describes our inner workings both before and after enlightenment. Listening to this audio book has aligned me with a more stress free life. As a plumber I deal with tremendous pressure (pun perhaps intended.) This book gave me a way of enjoying each working and playing moment. My customers and family have commented upon the change in me that came from this book. I didn't tell them about the book. But I'm telling you. Buy this, read or listen to it, and experience a depth of information you wish you had years ago.” –Ira Cohen

“Gina Lake’s newest book From Stress to Stillness offers a clear and concise message about how we set ourselves up to experience much of the stress in our lives. Gina writes with an easy to grasp refrain, as if she were conversing with you, not lecturing or writing an essay! Her words of wisdom are precious jewels.” –Dee

“I'm a part-time registered nurse, and this is the best help for handling stress that I have ever experienced. Written in a way that is easy to understand and follow, all of Gina Lake's books have been excellent.” –Ken Raver

“One of the best! A must for your spiritual library! I have read all the gurus and teachers. Gina's words spoke to my soul, and I kept wanting to read more and more. Her knowledge and ability to communicate ideas and thoughts are really the best I have read... and I've read them all. A lot of books say this, but this book really can change your life!” –Dave Erickson

“Gina Lake provides new perspectives on the ancient wisdom of ages of sages. These insights reinforce the spacious, forgiving, accepting One that we are—untie the knots and undo the nots that might otherwise keep ego going. On this trip from stress to Stillness, Gina provides a bright guiding light. Take your time and enjoy this journey with her.” –Gregles

“Finding Gina's writings was like finally receiving a glass of water after spending a day in the dessert. What is communicated through her writing speaks to a place within me that is beyond the stressed-out mind, a place of wholeness and truth. For years I struggled with a deep sense of lack and incompleteness. The wisdom coming through her guides us back to a deep state of peace, the place that so many of us long for more than anything else. This book shows us the way home. Ever pray in a way that words would do no justice, where that glowing feeling in your chest is just trying to get a hug from the endless sky? What’s coming through her meets you there.” –Issiah Toner

“I am an avid reader of books written by the best Buddhist and meditation teachers. I was not familiar with Gina Lake but took a chance purchasing this book. I'm glad I did; it has been the most useful, practical, teachable book I’ve read on the subject of stress and mindfulness. Chapter by chapter, Ms. Lake brings the causes of our stress into our awareness with simple ways to use mindfulness to alleviate that stress. Written in easy to follow language, I was able to take what I learned and apply it to my daily life and reduce my stress. A must read for anyone with stress—which is everyone! You will not regret this purchase!” –Cindy Collins

"A recipe for happiness and contentment. As others have mentioned, this book has the possibility to change people's lives. It is chock full of 'aha' moments, and as I read, I could not help but flashback to moments in my life where I was depressed or making bad decisions, and this book helped me understand why those events happened. I cannot help but think there will be at least one or two nuggets and tidbits of wisdom that everyone could benefit from. Along with some other positive changes in my daily life, it really made a strong impact on me and is playing a role in moving my happiness meter in the right direction." –Scott C.

“This book contains tools for everything one needs to know to reduce stress in one’s life. But, it's much more than that; the spiritual depth of Gina Lake and her writing is ingrained in every page of this book. I highly recommend this book.” –Mary Gebhard

“I've been following Gina Lake's writing and teaching career for a number of years. For a unique, wise and practical look at nonduality, there's no one out there any better than Gina.” –Fred Davis

“Practical perspectives and practices that make life understandable, livable and peaceful. Delivers the promise of the title of the book!” –Kenneth K. Yamamoto

“This book points to where the peace is within us... Our thinking is what causes stress. The ego rushes us and pushes us to be busy, when what we really need to do is slow down and smell the roses. Beauty is another place to focus, to bring peace. Gina Lake is a good teacher, illuminating what we are doing to stress ourselves out and solutions for finding peace within.” –Clare

“I just love all the books written by Gina Lake. They are so well written and worth so much more than the very reasonable price paid for them as e-books. I have studied all of her books, and they should be required reading in the schools so that our children can understand how to lead a more stress-free, productive, and healthy life. These books have taught me a lot about life, and I practice the principles given by Gina each day for a happier life. I am 82 years old and still learning about life. Thank you Gina for a wonderful group of enlightening books.” –Bruce Burkard

“I find all of Gina’s books and articles totally riveting. A joy is created in my being that is so full of gratitude that it wants the whole world to know. From this space of joy I find the capacity to accept others as they are, completely. Thank you, Gina. What a blessing to be alive on the planet at the same time as you!” –Godsgirl

“If you want to get in touch with how your brain keeps you from peace and love, this is the book for you. I have read it then listened to it. It’s up to you what you listen to—your egoic mind or find the stillness within you.” –Joan

“This is my new textbook. The author guides you from doing, judging, and being fearful to just being present in the moment, moving past the rush we all seem headed towards without enjoying the journey.” –John Shasteen

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