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Reviews of Ten Teachings

“The sacred feminine is a powerful source of pure wisdom to support every part of your life. This book taps that source as it flows through Mother Mary and, of course, through Gina Lake. I highly recommend that, if you are ready to open to and embrace and be embraced by the love that you are, you read this book.” –Hale Dwoskin, author of NYT bestseller The Sedona Method

“Simple, succinct, straight-forward and brilliantly delivered, a how to BE guide! Release over-identification with form and discover the peace, love, and joy that is your true self! Thank you Holy Mother Mary, thank you Gina, thank you so much.” –M. V. Miller

“This is the ultimate self-help book. It is filled with carefully thought out words that seem to melt into my being. Gina Lake is a talented writer and her words heal. This book will be kept close so its healing words can be read over and over again.” –Bluebird

“When I began Ten Teachings for One World: Wisdom from Mother Mary several days ago, it was my intention to read and digest each message very slowly. I wanted to absorb the gems that I was finding in each teaching, hold them contemplatively in my meditations, and to practice mindfully what I was learning throughout each day. For the most part this plan worked beautifully, but I had never read any of Gina Lake's work before. I did not know, for example, that her writing exemplifies her warm and open essence, and that I would be drawn into the next teaching as soon as I finished the last. I simply couldn't help myself from exploration: each new message called me to the next, like an invitation from a friend whom you trust to tell you what is true and real. This is a book I wake in the night dreaming about. And yes, while it urgently called me back until the final page, at least now I have the delightful pleasure of returning to it, and to slowly absorb, contemplate and practice the ten teachings so skillfully presented. Ten Teachings for One World is for everyone on a spiritual journey, regardless of where we are on our paths. The writing is clear and concise from the perspective of beginner's mind, yet fully open to conscious, mindful depths. Through Mary's voice, Ms. Lake is an instrument who teaches universally and also raises compelling questions for individual exploration. You are encouraged, with love, to fully meet the experience of each of these teachings. Some bring a flood of warm connection with the writer, which continued to remind me of the oneness of our world, while others provide a portal for some very challenging inner work and opportunities for awakening. Each teaching, each page of this book is relative and powerful and clear. With her non-dualistic way, her beautiful background and very subtle blending of eastern and western wisdom, and the fresh clear voice of Mother Mary that she shares so freely, I heartily recommend this wonderful treasure of a book.” –Susan Bacon

“Gina Lake is well-known and respected for her many books on non-duality teachings. Her work has been likened to teachers like Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now). Gina's writes on Oneness, Love, and the discovery or reawakening of our own True Nature, our Divine Essence. There is never any dogmatism in her teachings. Like Rumi, who saw that all religions are in their essence ‘singing the same song,’ Gina's open mind and heart take us to the Essence of all religions and paths. In her new book, Ten Teachings for One World: Wisdom from Mother Mary, Gina shares with us the Essence of all teachings on the Divine Feminine, who is called by many names... The messages in this book are life changing and heart opening, showing us a clear path to our own Divine Nature. Each of the ten lessons is a treasure. It is beautifully written with deep truths made clear and accessible to everyone of any religion or no religion. This book is filled with Love and light. It shows us the way to open and receive this Love, wisdom, guidance, and comfort within our own selves. Sufi's tell us that the heart is the abode of the soul. This book will open your heart and reawaken your soul. It is a tender, loving message of Who We Are... Perhaps we can all see ourselves as Mary, each of us giving birth to the Christ, the True Self within us as Spirit incarnated in form.” –Cathy Lyons Colletti

“I am reading this for the third time now and find every paragraph has something to meditate on. The material is very accessible and yet it goes deep—in fact it is essentially a message of nonduality. I like to think this is what Jesus might have taught. Everything you seek is within you. This book helps us access that understanding in a gentle, compassionate way. I appreciate the emphasis on accepting our humanness and the fact that we are going to mess up, because that's how the system is designed. True joy and peace are here already, regardless of what is happening in our lives. Beautiful stuff!” –Russell Brownlee

“I started off with resistance, since I wasn't the least bit interested in reading anything religious, and since Mother Mary connects to religion in my mind. I had no intention of reading this book. But somehow... because I am so inspired by everything else Gina Lake writes, I opened it up and decided to just read the introduction. That won me over. From that point on, I highlighted and underlined every sentence in this short and amazing book! I could not believe that exactly the experiences that I have been going through in my life were being connected into such a beautiful sensible extraordinary picture of human evolution. The fact that this book is channeled adds a rare taste of truth, which is sensed in every word. I cannot praise these teachings enough! Definitely read it.” –Eileen Lev

“Reading this book was a wonderful experience! For me, the information wasn't new, but it was presented is such a simple, gentle, and graceful manner that it became more accessible to my Heart than ever before. I was especially struck with The Ninth Teaching ‘Let Everything Be,’ and the lyrics from The Beatles song, ‘Let It Be’ came to my mind: ‘...Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.’ If you are new to the non-dual teachings, or if you are already steeped in them, this book is sure to brush your soul like a refreshing breeze. I am planning to read it again soon.” –Robert Yavits

“If you only read one book this year, make it this one! I devoured Gina Lake’s new book, Ten Teachings for One World: Wisdom from Mother Mary, in one evening. It’s beautifully written, accessible, practical, and profound—rare qualities indeed to find in one book. As I began putting the teachings to use in my life, I instantly felt the grace of Mother Mary’s benevolence and love wash over me. It has changed forever how I live and relate to my mind. This passage has been especially poignant: ‘Be the servant of love. Do your actions and speech come from love? If not, do not engage in them. Do your actions and speech lead to greater love between you and others? If not, do not engage in them. How you act and what you say matters. Be the loving force you can be.’ Spiritual books have to be simple and memorable to create lasting transformation. The ten teachings from Ten Teachings for One World are both simple and memorable and each of them continues to bear fruit in my life, several weeks after my reading. Ten Teachings for One World is no ordinary book, but rather a blessed initiation—a direct experience of the divine. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. Don’t delay. Give yourself this beautiful gift now! Thank you Gina for yet another precious gem.” –Laura Katleman

“I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book! It came to me at a time in my life when I really needed to put aside my humanness and look into my heart! This book more than reinforced my belief that joy, peace, love, goodness, light, and My Lord will shine through my life as long as I continually work on keeping my heart open to His words and remembering that I am made up of more than my human body. As a mother myself, I learned from my mom to look to Mother Mary for comfort and wisdom when raising my children; I also keep her as my comforting Mother in heaven!” –T. Carmody

“Amazing how such simple lessons can cause such radical changes in thought and behavior! The very fact that these words were inspired by Mother Mary would inspire me to read them. Ten Teachings is the type of instructional manual of sorts that makes you want to take notes so you do not forget even one power-filled point. I have copied the ten lesson headlines and will carry them with me. I am changed. Thank you Gina and dear Mother Mary.” –Donna Martinovich

“Gina giving a voice to Mother Mary has been a transformative experience for me... You have heard it all before... but never as clearly and lovingly said! Dive in, and be ready to be swallowed in the currents of stillness, mindfulness, and LOVE!” –Chantal Blanchard

“This book, as well as The Jesus Trilogy, and A Heroic Life, have made a deep and profound impact on my journey. I highly recommend any of Gina Lake’s material if you are interested in top shelf Truth and waking up. Even though she speaks of Mary and Jesus, these books are very universal and beyond religion and egoic belief systems. In these books, Truth speaks to you.” –Gary Heard

“One of my favorite authors, Gina Lake, has recently released a book that makes awakening to our true self more of an approachable process. This book is small and yet mighty in its ability to guide us all to the truth of who we really are and how we can find peace and true love while we are living this human existence. This book condenses the teachings of such great thought systems as Buddhism, Christianity, A Course In Miracles, The TAO, and the teachings of the great mystics to provide a step by step explanation of what and who we really are and how to clear away all the stuff that gets in the way of being that radiant being. I have read this book twice so far and am very excited to have it available to those of us who wish to change from caterpillar thinking to butterfly being. World peace happens one person at a time.” –Eric Rehnke

“Once again Gina Lake has provided a compelling read for those interested in spiritual development. Her style is clarity, simplicity, and profundity all at once. She takes us through the steps necessary for spiritual enlightenment after she herself had received insights from Mother Mary. It draws upon a neo-Buddhist outlook as well as a Christian figure. The greatest value, though, is in her own logical yet deeply meaningful message.” –Brian A.

“I found this book to be a loving distillation of much of Gina's teachings...  I turned to this book for comfort when I was feeling a tremendous amount of fear during a very strange spiritual experience and it brought me back to a sense of security. I'm so grateful it was there. Mother Mary's nurturing, compassionate energy permeates every page and gently guides the reader back Home.” –Seda Unlucay

“I feel so grateful for Gina Lake for sharing this actual message of Mother Mary so clearly and beautifully. I am reading this book again and again. I am completely resonating with the message. This book has helped me to really make choices in my life and to understand the importance of declaring that I want to live from the heart and essence, and that is really the most important thing for me.” –Chintana

“I was very moved by this book and sincerely recommend it to anyone, especially to those who love non-dual teachings. I really feel that I am no longer missing a mother and that Mother Mary is present in my life.” –Claudine L. Godber
“If you like to meditate, if you seek peace and stillness, this book will be a guide for you. It could be read several times. I like the part about following joy as your guide. It is a reminder that true guidance comes from the peaceful place of love within. If it does not feel good, if it is fearful, it is not true. I love Gina Lake's books. They all come from that inside place.” –Clare

“What the world has been in need of for so many years, and generations—the LOVE of our Divine Mother. A fresh new look at the beauty that we need in our hearts, written beautifully for us to open to. Easy to read, here is a book that is right on time.” –Robert Zajac

“Gina Lake has written a powerful little book. The ten teachings in this book all point to Love. The words are gentle but extremely powerful. I know I will return to this book again and again.” –Lucille Seifer

“Pure love. Sometimes words just can't convey the TRUE value of something. That is the case here. This work just leaves you in the deepest in sincerest gratitude for the ultimate TRUTH of reality...” –Harte

“This simple little book contains all of the wisdom necessary to successfully live this life, and it doesn't matter where the information came from.” –Bo

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