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Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality: New Teachings from Jesus. Beliefs are very powerful shapers of reality. They can create a heaven on earth or a hell. We have the power to be happy because we have the ability to choose what we believe. However, until we realize that we have this power, our beliefs are likely to make us unhappy, because the beliefs, or conditioning, we were given and the beliefs we have acquired along the way largely misrepresent reality. If we are not aware of what we believe and not aware that we have a choice about what we believe, then our life will be shaped by those mistaken and limiting beliefs, and we will be a passive recipient of the results of those beliefs rather than a conscious co-creator of our life.

Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality explores the exciting arena of creation: how beliefs determine our internal reality and, consequently, our external reality; how beliefs that stem from the ego and our conditioning distort our perception of ourselves, others, and reality; and specific ways to move beyond these distorted perceptions to a clearer perception of reality and therefore greater happiness and fulfillment. This book was dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus and is one of the books in The Jesus Trilogy (see below). The books in the trilogy can be read in any order. (Published in 2014, 146 pages)

Note from the author: I receive the books from Jesus in the same way that Helen Schucman received A Course in Miracles¸ which is also said to be dictated by Jesus. Many others have also received their writings this way, including St. Teresa of Avila, St. Hildegard of Bingen, Richard Bach, and Neale Donald Walsch. Receiving dictation in this way is also called conscious channeling. It is a process of hearing words mentally and writing them down as they are heard, without any thought on my part. I can receive this communication anywhere. I don’t need to be in a meditative or trance state. All that is necessary is that I don’t think! When I’m receiving this dictation, it is as if Jesus is sitting in a chair next to me dictating the words, except that those words are heard mentally. I can ask questions during this dictation and receive answers, but the process works best when my own mind is completely set aside. Then the flow happens smoothly and rapidly and without interruption until a particular stopping place is reached. More information about my relationship with Jesus and how I write these books is here.

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The books below belong to The Jesus Trilogy. They can be purchased as The Jesus Trilogy  or individually as pictured below. They can be read in any order. Click on the covers to find out more about each.

choice and willcreation of realitylove and surrender

heroic life
getting free
ten teachings
jesus speaking 1
jesus speaking 3
jesus speaking 2
being happy
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