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Books by Gina Lake

Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

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from stress to stillnessFrom Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner Peace. Most stress is created by how we think about things. From Stress to Stillness will help you examine what you’re thinking and change your relationship to your thoughts so that they no longer result in stress. Drawing from the wisdom traditions, psychology, mindfulness meditation, New Thought, and the author’s own experience as a spiritual teacher and counselor, From Stress to Stillness offers many practices and suggestions that will lead to greater peace and equanimity, even in a busy and stress-filled world. Audiobook also available. (Published 2013, 254 pages)

all graceAll Grace: New Teachings from Jesus on the Truth About Life. Grace is the mysterious and unseen movement of God upon creation, which is motivated by love and indistinct from love. All Grace was given to Gina Lake by Jesus and represents his wisdom and understanding of life. It is about this magnificent and incomprehensible force behind life, which created life, sustains it, and operates within it as you and me and all of creation. All Grace is full of profound and life-changing truth. Audiobook will be available. (Published 2017, 156 pages)

embracing the nowEmbracing the Now: Finding Peace and Happiness in What Is. The Now—this moment—is the true source of happiness and peace and the key to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Embracing the Now is a collection of essays that can serve as daily reminders of the deepest truths. Full of clear insight and wisdom, Embracing the Now explains how the mind keeps us from being in the moment, how to move into the Now and stay there, and what living from the Now is like. It also explains how to overcome stumbling blocks to being in the Now, such as fears, doubts, misunderstandings, judgments, distrust of life, desires, and other conditioned ideas that are behind human suffering. Audiobook also available. (Published 2008, 296 pages)

the jesus trilogyThe Jesus Trilogy. In this trilogy by Jesus, are three jewels, each shining in its own way and illuminating the same truth: You are not only human but divine, and you are meant to flourish and love one another. In words that are for today, Jesus speaks intimately and directly to the reader of the secrets to peace, love, and happiness. He explains the deepest of all mysteries: who you are and how you can live as he taught long ago. The three books in The Jesus Trilogy were dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus and include Choice and Will, Love and Surrender, and Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality  (see below). Audiobook also available. (Published 2014, 256 pages)

in the worldIn the World but Not of It: New Teachings from Jesus on Embodying the Divine. From the Introduction, by Jesus: “What I have come to teach now is that you can embody love, as I did. You can become Christ within this human life and learn to embody all that is good within you. I came to show you the beauty of your own soul and what is possible as a human. I came to show you that it is possible to be both human and divine, to be love incarnate. You are equally both. You walk with one foot in the world of form and another in the Formless. This mysterious duality within your being is what this book is about.” This book is another in a series of books dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus. Audiobook also available.  (Published 2016, 164 pages)

a heroic lifeA Heroic Life: New Teachings from Jesus on the Human Journey. The hero’s journey—this human life—is a search for the greatest treasure of all: the gifts of your true nature. These gifts are your birthright, but they have been hidden from you, kept from you by the dragon: the ego. These gifts are the wisdom, love, peace, courage, strength, and joy that reside at your core. A Heroic Life shows you how to overcome the ego’s false beliefs and face the ego’s fears. It provides you with both a perspective and a map to help you successfully and happily navigate life’s challenges and live heroically. This book is another in a series of books dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus. Audiobook also available. (Published 2015, 158 pages)

trusting lifeTrusting Life: Overcoming the Fear and Beliefs That Block Peace and Happiness. Fear and distrust keep us from living the life we were meant to live, and they are the greatest hurdles to seeing the truth about life—that it is good, abundant, supportive, and potentially joyous. Trusting Life is a deep exploration into the mystery of who we are, why we suffer, why we don’t trust life, and how to become more trusting. It offers evidence that life is trustworthy and tools for overcoming the fear and beliefs that keep us from falling in love with life. Audiobook also available. (Published 2011, 180 pages)

radical happinessRadical Happiness: A Guide to Awakening provides the keys to experiencing the happiness that is ever-present and not dependent on circumstances. This happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want, but from wanting what is here now. It comes from realizing that who you think you are is not who you really are. This is a radical perspective! Radical Happiness describes the nature of the egoic state of consciousness and how it interferes with happiness, what awakening and enlightenment are, and how to live in the world after awakening. Audiobook also available. (Published 2005, 196 pages)

choosing loveChoosing Love: Moving from Ego to Essence in Relationships. Having a truly meaningful relationship requires choosing love over our conditioning, that is, our ideas, fantasies, desires, images, and beliefs. Choosing Love describes how to move beyond conditioning, judgment, anger, romantic illusions, and differences to the experience of love and Oneness with another. It explains how to drop into the core of our Being, where Oneness and love exist, and how to be with others from there. Audiobook also available. (Published 2010, 220 pages)

living in the nowLiving in the Now: How to Live as the Spiritual Being That You Are. The 99 essays in Living in the Now will help you realize your true nature and live as that. They answer many questions raised by the spiritual search and offer wisdom on subjects such as fear, anger, happiness, aging, boredom, desire, patience, faith, forgiveness, acceptance, love, commitment, hope, purpose, meaning, meditation, being present, emotions, trusting life, trusting your Heart, and many other deep subjects. These essays will help you become more conscious, present, happy, loving, grateful, at peace, and fulfilled. Each essay stands on its own and can be used for daily contemplation. Audiobook also available. (Published 2010, 256 pages)
anatomy of desireBeing Happy (Even When You Don’t Get What You Want): The Truth About Manifesting and Desires will help you discriminate between your Heart’s desires and the ego’s and to relate to the ego’s desires in a way that reduces suffering and increases joy. By pointing out the myths about desire that keep us tied to our ego’s desires and the suffering they cause, Being Happy (Even When You Don't Get What You Want) will help you be happy regardless of your desires and whether you are attaining them. So it is also about spiritual freedom, or liberation, which comes from following the Heart, our deepest desires, instead of the ego’s desires. It is about becoming a lover of life rather than a desirer. This book was formerly titled Anatomy of Desire. (Published 2006, 170 pages)
getting freeGetting Free: Moving Beyond Negativity and Limiting Beliefs. Freedom from your conditioning is possible, but the mind is a formidable opponent to freedom. To be free requires a new way of thinking or, rather, not thinking. To a large extent, healing our conditioning involves changing our relationship to our mind and discovering who we really are. Getting Free will help you do that. It will also help you reprogram your mind; clear negative thoughts and self-images; use meditation, prayer, forgiveness, and gratitude; work with spiritual forces to assist healing and clear negativity; and heal entrenched issues from the past. (Published 2007, 168 pages)
return to essenceReturn to Essence: How to Be in the Flow and Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose describes how to get into the flow and stay there and how to live life from there. Being in the flow and not being in the flow are two very different states. One is dominated by the ego-driven mind, which is the cause of suffering, while the other is the domain of Essence, the Divine within each of us. We are meant to live in the flow. The flow is the experience of Essence—our true self—as it lives life through us and fulfills its purpose for this life. (Published 2007, 184 pages)
 ten teachingsTen Teachings for One World: Wisdom from Mother Mary. On a glorious fall day in 2012, while sitting in a garden graced by a statue of Mother Mary, Gina Lake heard Mother Mary address her: “You are my beloved child.” This began an ongoing relationship and communication with Mother Mary. Ten Teachings for One World is a message from Mother Mary to all her beloved children on earth. The teachings are intended to bring us into closer contact with the peace and love that is our divine nature, which has the ability to transform our hearts and our world. Mother Mary’s gentle wisdom will inspire and assist you in awakening to the magnificent being that you are. Audiobook also available. This book is available for free as a pdf here.  (Published 2013, 124 pages)
 jesus speaking 1Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life. Jesus still exists and is and has always been available to those who are devoted to him. This book is Jesus speaking from another dimension today. His message, as channeled through Gina Lake, is meant to bring you into greater alignment with the Christ within you, with Christ Consciousness. It is also intended to give you the experience of having a relationship with the wise and gentle being we’ve known as Jesus the Christ, as he speaks to you as if you were sitting in his presence. In it, you will discover how to become the loving, strong, and peaceful being you are meant to be, which Jesus exemplified. By doing a few simple things and shifting your perspective in small ways, which are explained in each of the chapters, you can become a lover of life. (Published 2017, 156 pages)
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