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28 Days to Less Stress

A Self-Guided 28-Day Online Course

Stress is life-negating. It robs you of health and happiness. When you’re under stress, you lose touch with your best self, and you’re more likely to express your worst self and indulge in destructive habits and addictions. Stress makes your life and your relationships more difficult and takes the joy out of life. When you reduce stress, you become wiser, more loving, more peaceful, and more effective as well as happier and healthier.
Fortunately, we can do a lot to reduce the stress in our lives, since stress is largely created by how we think about things and by how much we pay attention to our thoughts—the voice in our head. This voice is a voice of fear, panic, judgment, blaming, and shaming. It pushes us, hurries us, tells us what to do and when, and disparages us. Stress is usually a sign that we need to stop a moment and examine what we’re saying to ourselves.
We think we need such thoughts to function when, in fact, they interfere with handling life and make life less enjoyable. Although you can’t do anything about fearful and other negative thoughts arising, since producing such thoughts is just what our brains do, certain tips, tools, and practices provided by this course will help you disengage from such thoughts.

Every day for four weeks, you'll receive a tip, tool, or practice, in both written and audio form, which will help you reduce the stress in your life. By the end of the month, you'll have many new tools for overcoming stress and bringing more peace and joy into your life. Each week, you'll also receive a guided meditation for you to do for that week. At the end of the course, you'll get a summary of the tips, tools, and practices in both written and audio form. A PDF of Gina Lake’s book From Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner Peace is also included in the course as a further resource for those who want to delve more deeply into this subject.
You can register for this course and begin it at any time. After you've completed the course, you'll continue to have access to all of the course materials. $15.

The link below will take you to a registration page where you will be able to pay for the course through PayPal or with a credit card. If this doesn’t work for you and you’d like to pay with a personal check, please send a check made out to Gina Lake to P.O. Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340 with a note about what it is for and your email address. Then she will enroll you.

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Second Course for FREE!

Limited time offer: Sign up today for any of the online courses on this website and we will send you an email invitation to a second course of your choice (of equal or lower cost).

Follow these links to register and pay for your first course:
Radical Happiness Course
How to Quiet Your Mind
Waking Up
8 Steps for Transforming Your Relationships
28 Days to Less Stress
A Contemplation a Day
Wake-Up Quote for the Day

"Your Radical Happiness Course changed my life in ways I had never believed possible. I am happy now and have found meaning in my life. I am certain that if one puts a modicum of effort into the course that one will reap huge benefits. It has worked such wonders in my life. I am truly grateful for this course and the awakening moments it has given me."–Sidney D.


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