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How to Quiet Your Mind

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We all have things that pull our minds in several directions—family, work, social life, relationships, finances. Allowing the time and energy to quiet the mind and be more present will enable you to be more happy, more at peace, and more loving, with more energy available for all of these areas of life. This 8-week course is intended to help you be less involved with your mind and more present in each moment—in the experience of your true being. Price $75.

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(When you sign up, you will also receive a second course, 28 Days to Less Stress, for free. Every day for four weeks, you'll receive a tip, tool, or practice, in both written and audio form, which will help you reduce the stress in your life. By the end of the month, you'll have many new tools for overcoming stress and bringing more peace and joy into your life.)
More about How to Quiet Your Mind...
Trusting Life by Gina LakeThis course will give you the understanding and tools you need to recognize and silence unproductive thoughts and heal conditioning so that you can experience the peace, contentment, and joy of your true nature. By following the simple practices offered by this course, you will master your mind and emotions. The understandings and tools presented will help you discover who you really are and live fully in that truth. The key to happiness is not getting something from outside ourselves or even improving ourselves, but connecting with our own source of wisdom, happiness, peace, and contentment. We are all masterful and joyful beings. This course will help you discover the true source of happiness and leave behind limiting thoughts and beliefs and the painful emotions they create.
Also included is a pdf of Gina Lake's book Trusting Life: Overcoming the Fear and Beliefs That Block Peace and Happiness. This book is a deep exploration into the mystery of who we are, why we suffer, why we don’t trust life, and how to become more trusting. It offers evidence that life is trustworthy and tools for overcoming the fear and beliefs that prevent us from being in love with life.


•    The truth about the mind and who you really are
•    How to meditate to quiet the mind
•    How the egoic mind keeps us from being present
•    How to detach from the egoic mind
•    How to overcome fears and doubts
•    How to trust life
•    How to find joy in spontaneity
•    How to reprogram the mind and heal conditioning
•    How to be in the present moment


Over 11,000 people have enrolled in Gina's online courses.

Here's what participants have to say...

    "I am absolutely loving this course! It is really wonderful and builds on everything else I am studying (A Course in Miracles and The Power of Now)."  —Vanessa W.
  • “My goodness why did it take me so long to find this wonderful spiritual teacher, Gina Lake! I am 73, and since I have found these studies, I have never loved life more and everything that is in it. Learning to quiet my mind has been a real experience for me, since my mind is a real chatterbox.” —Joyce

  •  “I just happened to find you on after reading Eckhart Tolle. I felt like I had been in the desert and had just found an oasis! After I finished the course, I signed up for anything I could find that you were presenting. Incidentally, I have bought your books too. It was like I already knew this deep within myself but needed to find someone to verbalize it for me in a way that resonated with me. Thank you so much for helping me to grow in awareness and to learn to stay in the Now." —Jo G.
  • “I so enjoyed How to Quiet Your Mind course. It has helped me so much in so many ways. Although I have had a spiritual practice for a long time, I felt stuck and blocked. When I started with the first lesson, I could feel this tremendous connection with Presence that I had never experienced before. My meditation practice had never brought me to that place. I am still in awe and so grateful. All of the wisdom and spiritual truths as well as the videos and audios worked together seamlessly to make the course flow easily from week to week." -Melissa H.
  • “This is one of the most helpful courses I've ever had. It is helping me understand so much about myself and how my mind works against me. The awareness and understanding are helping me rewrite a lifetime of messages, which were keeping me stuck and believing that I'm unlovable and unworthy.” - Lynne
  • "I have been searching for a long time for techniques to recapture the joy of aliveness, and I am deeply thankful and appreciative that Gina is here to provide these.” - Terryanne
  • “I am doing this course and for the first time in many years, I am seeing some light. The knots in my stomach are receding. I am happy to be here.” - Earlyn
  • “I really enjoyed this course and feel that Gina Lake hits the nail on the head. She knows the sneaky egoic mind, its propensity to dominate us, and what lies behind it. I think that Gina speaks from a place of authenticity. What she says rings so true and often has me chuckling.” - Peg
  • “Gina shares things about the egoic mind that I've never quite heard before. It is very refreshing and soothing to be able to receive this information. I feel I'll now have a more reliable and beneficial way of looking at the way my mind functions.” - Donna
  • “I didn’t believe I had the power to change my thinking about my mind, but by about the fourth lesson, I felt myself ‘getting it.’ My life, my practice, the way I am thinking and living differently as of now is a gift and a blessing that I thank you for.  I think it was the missing piece that has brought me more peace, more equanimity, and a feeling of grace I have yearned for.” –S. McCullen
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