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Jesus Speaking Series


The difference between the Jesus Speaking series and Gina's other audiobooks is that the channeled books by Jesus in this series are in Gina's voice, rather than another narrator. In addition, they are meant to be, primarily, audiobooks, although they are also available on Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks. They are intended to give you an intimate experience of Jesus, as if you were sitting in his presence and he was speaking directly to you. If you have questions about the process of channeling, please see FAQs here.  A sample of Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life is below.

Jesus Speaking: On Overcoming Fear and Developing Trust. Jesus still exists and is and has always been available to those who are devoted to him. This audiobook and book is Jesus speaking from another dimension today through Gina Lake. It is meant to help you overcome fear and give you the experience of having a relationship with the wise and gentle being we’ve known as Jesus the Christ. In the Introduction, Jesus explains: “To be free from fear requires that you see the truth about fear—that it is an illusion. It isn’t real. Merely seeing this is, itself, freeing. Fear keeps you imprisoned in the ego’s world, which is one of lack and insecurity and every possible negative emotion. Fear shapes most people’s lives, which is why so many are unhappy, since fear and happiness and fear and love cannot coexist. Fear blocks love. It is the enemy of love and therefore the enemy of happiness. So ultimately, this audiobook and book is about happiness and love: how to be happy and loving, which is to say, how to be the person you are meant to be, how to be your best self. Fear doesn’t make anyone a better person. It doesn’t even keep people safe. How can an illusion, a lie, keep you safe? But the truth can and will.” That is what you will find here—the truth about fear, along with practical advice and methods for working with fear and overcoming specific fears, such as the fear of failure, poverty, death, loss, illness, aging, and not being loved. 4.5 hours.
Audiobook, Ebook and paperback available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes:
audible    itunes     amazon

  JesusSpeaking1audiobookJesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life.  Jesus still exists and is and has always been available to those who are devoted to him. This audiobook and book is Jesus speaking from another dimension today. His message, as channeled through Gina Lake, is meant to bring you into greater alignment with the Christ within you, with Christ Consciousness. By doing a few simple things and shifting your perspective in small ways, which are explained in each of the chapters, you can become a lover of life.

From the Introduction: “I am the one you have known as Jesus the Christ. I am speaking to you now through this channel to help you to know of my presence and to feel my presence in your life more fully. I want you to know that I exist here, in another dimension, that I am eternally present and continue to be the servant for all that is good, and that you—like me—are also eternal and will continue to exist once you leave this temporary body. You are so much more than you realize. I was but an example of what you are capable of as a human being. But in essence, you, like me, are much more than a human being. You are an eternal being. My intention in speaking to you through this audiobook is to help you realize your true nature and to live as the best human being you can be. Allow me to be your guide Home. It is my deepest honor to serve you in this way, for in doing so, I am serving the Whole and giving glory to the Father, who has created all of life.”

4.5 hours, $9.95 for the downloadable zip file. Eight mp3 files are contained in this zip file. You will need unzipping software on your computer, such as WinZip, to unzip the files. Purchase and download MP3s of Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life through PayPal or credit card below. If for some reason, PayPal or a credit card through Paypal doesn’t work for you and you’d like to pay with a personal check, please send a check made out to Gina Lake to P.O. Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340 with a note about what it is for and your email address. Then she will email you the link to download the audiobook:

Audiobook, Ebook and paperback available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes:

audible itunes amazon

Below is a sample from Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life, which can be purchased on Amazon, Audible or iTunes. Or purchase this audiobook with Paypal using the "Buy Now" button above.

 Preface, Introduction, and part of Chapter 4 on Surrender (5 min.):

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