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Online Courses with Gina

ABOUT ONLINE COURSES: Courses can be begun at any time, and after you've completed a course, you'll continue to have access to the course materials. Courses are user-friendly and self-directed, and all have forums where any questions you might have will be answered by Gina Lake. Also, a new free online mini course is now available that allows you to sample the material in Gina's courses.
HQ4CoursesHOW TO QUIET YOUR MIND: This 8-week online course has information, videos, and guided meditations to help you quiet your mind, dis-identify with it, and move into the present moment (the Now). Also included is a PDF of Gina Lake's book Trusting Life: Overcoming the Fear and Beliefs That Block Peace and Happiness. This course will help you discover the true source of happiness and leave behind limiting thoughts and beliefs and the painful emotions they create. You will learn the truth about the mind and who you really are; how to meditate to quiet the mind; how the egoic mind keeps us from being present; how to detach from the egoic mind; how to overcome fears and doubts; how to trust life; how to find joy in spontaneity; how to reprogram the mind and heal conditioning; and how to be in the present moment. Price $75.
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8Steps4Courses8 STEPS TO LOVE: This 8-week online course contains information, practices, exercises, videos, and guided meditations to help you master eight steps that will bring more love into your relationships and more happiness into your life. You will learn how the ego interferes with love and happiness; how to overcome the judgments and negativity that poison relationships; how to handle the feelings that come up in relationship; how to deal constructively with anger, conflict, and differences in relationships; how to be more accepting and forgiving; how to find happiness, peace, and contentment within yourself; how to be present in the moment and to your partner; and how to experience the divine in your partner. This course is an adjunct to Gina’s book Choosing Love: Moving from Ego to Essence in Relationships, which is included in the course as a pdf. Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life, a channeled audiobook, is also included. Price $75.
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Over 11,000 people have enrolled in Gina's online courses. Here's what they have to say:

  • “I have faithfully followed the instructions in this course—to amazing results! Thanks to this course, I sit in meditation sometimes up to three hours a day, my gilt and diamond framed to-do list is gone, I’m feeling empty and quietly peaceful and happy, and I’m understanding for the first in my decades-old spiritual search what the journey really is about. My skill at recognizing and distancing myself from thoughts is getting stronger and stronger. I cannot tell you what this is meaning to my life. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet and incidentally more like I am not alone but entirely one beautiful and amazing atom in this incredible whole. Now meditation feels like fun!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” –Gail Wainwright
  • “I am so very glad I embarked on this course. It has given me so much: insights, discipline to do the meditation every day, and the feeling that I’m actually doing something to develop spiritually. I couldn’t have done this without your support and loving encouragement—and your wisdom! Over the years I have read many, many books on subjects like non-duality, enlightenment, spiritual growth, and meditation, but now, for the first time, I have managed to bring it really into practice. On my own I would not persevere in this, but your coaching made all the difference. Thank you for your time and care and loving presence. I am glad I have found you on my life's journey!” –Liesbeth Dullaert
    "Your course changed my life in ways I had never believed possible. The jig is up, and I'm never going back to being that depressed, unhappy person. That person doesn't exist anymore. I am happy now and have found meaning in my life. I am certain that if one puts a modicum of effort into the meditation and exercises offered in the course that one will reap huge benefits. It has worked such wonders in my life. I am truly grateful for this course and the awakening moments it has given me." –Sidney DeKoven
  • “Such a wonderful gift I gave myself when I enrolled in your course. I feel calmer and more centered, and I’ve gained clarity over many personal issues. Thank you for the experience, love, and wisdom you’ve poured into this course. I know I’ll be garnering the benefits for many years to come. I plan to refer back to the course as needed. The guided meditations worked like a balm on my soul and transported me into Presence like nothing else. The more I use them, the more I find myself able to be the Noticer. And now I'm convinced that continued daily meditation is the perfect path for me. I'm confident that anyone who commits to their own spiritual evolvement by taking this course will reap precious gifts as well.” –Teri Welker
  • “I feel this course has been the culmination of all my studying and striving. Of course, I’ll still read from spiritual thinkers and I’ll never stop learning. But I find myself thinking much less about the future. What a radical transformation this course has made for me! I've noticed I've become more focused and in the moment, more patient, and more appreciative of life. I’ve started meditating again. Every morning. And the difference your motivation to meditate has made in the rest of my day has been a sense of peace, of being here now. And now. And now. That really is ‘radical.’ Thank you, Gina. I consider you a loving light for the world. I know you’ve lit up mine.” –Bob Zaslow
  • "It has been my pleasure to have participated in this course. Gina is truly a being of light who is here to deliver a timeless and beautiful message about the Truth that lies in the stillness beyond the limits of where the mind can go. Gina has skillfully taken the essence of sacred ancient wisdom teachings and expressed them using modern day language and non-mystical terms that can easily be understood by all, irrespective of where one is in their own spiritual evolution. Thank you, Gina, for deepening my connection with the priceless gift that lies within, given in grace and received with gratitude." –Jim Murdoch
    “I crave my meditation time and look forward to it every day. I feel positive changes in my life. I feel more centered, alive, and much kinder towards myself and the people around me, and more patient, easygoing, happy not knowing, and happy to go with the flow. I am here, I feel, and I am alive. My life has changed, thanks to your course. I can never thank you enough.” –Talal Dalloul

    “Because of your course, I am meditating up to two hours daily now and feeling the difference in my everyday life. The course is very well put together and accessible. I’ve also been very impressed with how accessible you make yourself in answering questions and comments in the forum.” –Rob Martin

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