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The Radical Happiness Course

Listen to a FREE Guided Meditation from this 8-Week Course:

The Radical Happiness Course gently guides you into a range of spiritual practices, which will release stress, sharpen your mental focus, and build a more tranquil and joyful perspective on life. As a result of these time-honored spiritual practices, you will learn to move out of the usual ego-driven state of consciousness into Presence and to live increasingly from that alive, awake state. The course provides something that spiritual books and teachings alone cannot, including a forum where your questions will be answered by Gina Lake. Price $125.

This course is for you if...

•    You wish you meditated regularly, but you just can’t find the right method or motivation to stick with it.
•    You’re looking for practices and ways to increase your happinesss.
•    You feel you need more structure to get established in a practice of meditation.

Special Offer: Sign up today for The Radical Happiness Course and receive a second course for FREE!
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 (When you sign up, you will also receive a second course, A Contemplation a Day, for free. Every day for 60 days, you will receive a short contemplation by Gina Lake, in both written and audio form, for you to enjoy and ponder at your leisure. The empowering essays that are part of this extra free course will inform and inspire you and enable you to be happier and more present in the moment.)

More About The Radical Happiness Course...
from stress to stillnessThis course has been carefully designed to provide you with a foundation for awakening and to increase your happiness through meditation and other spiritual practices, a structure for doing those practices, and support through an online forum, where Gina is available to answer your questions. This 8-week online course uses a combination of written text, instructional audios, guided meditations, inquiries, and exercises. The practices include four types of meditation, spiritual inquiry, breathing practices, a gratitude practice, love and forgiveness practices, and focusing on beauty and positive feelings.

Included with the course is a PDF of Gina's book From Stress to Stillness, which offers many practices and suggestions that will lead to greater peace and equanimity, even in a busy and stress-filled world.


Over 11,000 people have enrolled in Gina's online courses.

Here's what participants have to say...

    “What a radical transformation this course has made for me! Within the last eight weeks, I've noticed I've become more focused and in the moment, more patient, and more appreciative of life. That really is ‘radical.’ Thank you. You are a loving light for the world.” –B. Zaslow
  • "Gina is truly a being of light who is here to deliver a timeless and beautiful message about the Truth that lies in the stillness beyond the limits of where the mind can go. Gina has skillfully taken the essence of sacred ancient wisdom teachings and expressed them using modern day language and non-mystical terms that can easily be understood by all, irrespective of where one is in their own spiritual evolution." –J. Murdoch
    “I feel so grateful today. It moves me to tears. I am so very glad I embarked on this course. It has given me so much. I am glad I have found you on my life's journey! And I will certainly start the course all over again in the near future. Just to keep 'in shape'” –Liesbeth D.
  • “I crave my meditation time and look forward to it every day. I feel more centered, alive, and much kinder towards myself and others, and more patient, easygoing, happy not knowing, and happy to go with the flow. I am here, I feel, and I am alive. My life has changed, thanks to your course. I can never thank you enough.” –T. D
  • "Your course changed my life in ways I had never believed possible. I am happy now and have found meaning in my life. It has worked such wonders in my life. I am truly grateful for this course and the awakening moments it has given me." –S. D.
  • “Such a wonderful gift I gave myself when I enrolled in your course. I feel calmer and more centered, and I’ve gained clarity over many personal issues. Thank you for the experience, love, and wisdom you’ve poured into this course. I know I’ll be garnering the benefits for many years to come.” –Teri W.
  • “Your online course makes me very happy! Over the years I have read many, many books on subjects like non-duality, enlightenment, spiritual growth, and meditation, but now, for the first time, I have managed to bring it really into practice. On my own I would not persevere in this, I guess, but your coaching makes all the difference.” –L. D.
  • "I want to express my overflowing gratitude to you for this course. Thank you for these amazing and profound experiences. I cannot tell you what this is meaning to my life. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet and, incidentally, more like I am not alone but entirely one beautiful and amazing atom in this incredible whole.” –Gail W.
  • “The guided meditations work like a balm on my soul and transport me into presence like nothing else. The more I use them, the more I find myself able to be the noticer.” –T. W.
  • “Because of your course, I am meditating up to 2 hours daily now and feeling the difference in my everyday life. The course is very well put together and accessible. I’ve also been very impressed with how accessible you make yourself in answering questions and comments in the forum.” –Rob M.
  • “I am only on day 2, but I already feel transformed by what I have learned so far. Awesome opportunity, and I am truly grateful.” M. K.
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