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"The fact that Grace guides you on your journey within the egoic illusion is a sign of great benevolence and love. You have been given programming and free will to shape this journey, but you have also been given a plan—a divinely inspired destiny—and Grace, the shaping hand of God, to deliver that plan and help you fulfill it. You are in good hands. The hand of Grace is eminently intelligent and wise, far beyond your imagination. And you are honored and loved so deeply, also beyond your imagination.” —Jesus

Here are just a few of the many truths explored in All Grace:
•    The intelligence behind life has a design
•    The Designer and the design are good. Life is good!
•    You are not in control of life, and you don’t need to be
•    You don’t know very much for certain, and you don’t need to
•    Life is a school. Your experiences are your teachers
•    Everyone is learning, and everyone is teaching
•    Everything is unfolding as it needs to
•    You always have whatever you need to deal with whatever life brings you
•    Love is what heals. Love is what changes hearts

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74 reviews on Amazon that average 5 out of 5 Stars! Here's what reviewers are saying...

  • "Another gem from Gina. I highly recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves on a spiritual path. The book is filled with Love and Wisdom. For those who are interested in Christ Consciousness, this is a must read. It has been a great help to this mystic-at-large." –Mystic
  • "Gina gracefully brings the profound through a soothing language that nurtures the soul's journey. Her exquisite gift of channeling cherished wisdom from the voice of Christ is an elixir for reflection on the aspects of our life journey.” –L. Morrison
    "Revelation of the highest order in plain language." –Amazon Customer
    “Since reading this, I see the movement of Grace in everything, everywhere, all the time. I'm beginning to see that there is no spot where Grace is not. What a gift of awareness! Thank you again Gina Lake for being a pure channel." –G. H.
  • "Gina again has been a pure be-holder and transmitter of the wisdom and presence of the Living Master of Divine Love and Grace: Jesus. I recommend all her works on experiencing our shared Divine Presence and the wisdom and love that truly flows from the teachings of Jesus." –Father Michael Sherbert
    “Now I truly know what ego is. I think I can finally begin to get out of my head and live from my heart. This little book was a jewel and felt like a gift of divine grace. I loved it so much." –Debbie F.
  • The transmission in this book opens us, and the words point us to the truth within. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is awakening to their true nature or wants to. This is a fluid, worthwhile, beautiful read of divinity speaking to divinity." –Jenai Lane, spiritual teacher
  • "I don't know if the 'real' Jesus dictated this, but I kind of hope He did, because I have complete confidence in whoever did, and in Ms. Lake. All of her channeled books have been very helpful to me. Please don't let any reservations you might have about Christianity or channeled teachings keep you from reading this." –Walford
    “Your Jesus books have not only changed my life, have not only held my hand through seemingly impossible difficulties, but have shaped and changed me. They're guiding me home. I can't imagine my life without your Jesus' teachings.” –Richard G.
  • "All Grace is a must read for anyone who desires to know the truth underneath life's winding road of ups and downs. Awareness of divine Grace opens my limited mind to recognize that everything happens perfectly, for our greater good! I found it so helpful in finding deeper acceptance of Oneness, which the limited mind cannot accept. I highly recommend it for all on the path.” –David Fishman, ACIM teacher
    "Glorious truths for every heart. Marvelous truths straight from the Master Teacher, Jesus! These words will bring you to a new awakening of your true self. Read with an open heart and hear Him speaking!" –C. Conley
    "All of Gina Lake's books channeling Jesus are profoundly comforting and uplifting. It is good to hear Jesus without the overlay of Christianity." –EHB
    “Wow! All Grace goes "beyond beyond." It had me in tears at one point. It is the "cake and the icing." If I could have one book in all the world totally understood by all people, it would be All Grace.” –I. Cohen
    “A Grand Slam Homerun! A book that reveals some of the mysteries of life! It is well written like all of Gina Lake’s books channeling Jesus, the enlightened Master!” – Stewart Chalamidas, M.D.
  • “I was in a state of emotional turmoil for a few days and found it difficult to return to a state of balance. I opened this book and immediately felt I was being given the greatest gift of understanding, peace, and growth. Everything that was written described exactly what I was going through, shedding love and light and acceptance with each word. I have not enough words of gratitude for this amazing wisdom and knowledge that is given to us in such a clear, precise, and simple format. I highly recommend this book for all that need gentle reminders of why we are here and what we have to do in this lifetime. Thank you from the depths of my being to Gina for being the channel for our return to love.” –Eileen Lev