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Messages from Jesus

In weekly Christ Consciousness Transmissions, Jesus gives a channeled message before the transmission. Below are a few of those messages. More channeled messages from Jesus are available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here. To get notifications of new videos that we post, click the bell icon after you’ve subscribed. The audio and text of the channeled message from Jesus from the CCT meetings is posted each week at “Message for the Week” here. More info about the online transmissions is here.

Fifty-two messages from Jesus are available in two audiobooks called Jesus Speaking: On Awakening to Love and Jesus Speaking: On Embodying Christ Consciousness, which you can find out more about and purchase here on this website.

In weekly Christ Consciousness Transmissions, Jesus has also given guided meditations, which also contain a message. A collection of 20 of these guided meditation, called Deep Peace, is available on this website here, where you can also listen to a sample.

Detaching from the Voice in Your Head


Oneness - It Is All God


How to Accept What You Don't Like


Everything Is Sacred


Working with Feelings

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