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What would Jesus say about love if he were alive today? In Awakening Love: How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself, you will find out, as Jesus speaks to you directly about his most essential teaching in this channeled book by Gina Lake. Here is an excerpt:

“The love that is within me is also within you. Love is your true nature as much as it is mine. That means that it is possible for you to love as I did. This was my message, not that you are sinners and the only possibility for happiness is in heaven. No, I came to earth to show you that it’s possible to love your neighbor as yourself and to encourage you to do so. I came to earth, not to bring love and then leave, but to ignite the love within you, to show you that you, too, could be Christed as I was and as I am. It is your destiny to live as love, and I came to show you how to do that. That was and is the purpose of my teachings.” –Jesus

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Early reviews on Amazon averaging 5.0 out of 5 stars! Here's what reviewers are saying...

  • “Even if you might struggle with the authorship of this book being the historical Jesus, the powerful messages and advice contained within resonate with the heart in such a way that renders authorship largely irrelevant. Its advice on spiritual work is relatively simple to practice and, in my humble opinion, really works. Having read many hundreds of well-meaning 'spiritual' books over the years, if I had to choose only one that told the whole story in a simple, direct, and unambiguous manner, this would be the volume I would choose, and this would be the volume that I would base my entire spiritual practice upon. Strongly recommended for all spiritual seekers.” –John Q.
  • “Okay, I am on the first page of chapter one... I know that this is the book I have been waiting for... these are the words of my Master.” –Art M.

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