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How Nonphysical Beings Help and Hinder

getting freeWe are not alone. If there is only Oneness and we are an expression of it (and there is and we are), then everything we see is us. All of the different life forms were created to assist each other in their evolution. We need them and they need us. This is obvious enough in observing physical reality, where life forms are so intricately connected, but it’s no less true in nonphysical realities. When we graduate from the physical reality we exist in now, we will exist in a nonphysical reality, and our purpose will be to serve both physical and nonphysical realities with whatever skills we’ve acquired thus far.
Until recent history, humanity lived comfortably with the notion of spirit helpers, spirit guides, and angels. Humanity depicted them in art, passed on stories about them, prayed to them, spoke to them, and gave them a voice. There have always been those who were able to see, hear, and feel nonphysical beings. For these people, nonphysical beings are as real as anything physical. To those who can see nonphysical beings, many appear to have bodies made of light instead of flesh, so they are sometimes called beings of light. They will be referred to here as beings of light or simply as beings.
The existence of nonphysical beings defies rationality because they can’t be experienced with the usual five senses. Since science doesn’t recognize the existence of a sixth sense, it concludes that nonphysical beings don’t exist. This is understandable. If something isn’t in your experience, it’s logical, although inaccurate in this case, to conclude that it doesn’t exist. So it’s up to those who do experience nonphysical beings to describe them and their experiences with them to others.
What those who can see and communicate with nonphysical beings consistently tell us is that nonphysical beings of all kinds exist. To try to describe and categorize them would be an impossibly large task. For our purposes, it’s enough to say that many different beings are involved with earth and with individuals on earth because they deeply love the earth and humankind. Many of them have had lifetimes on earth and are motivated by those lifetimes to help earth and humankind evolve.
Each of us has a number of beings working with us on a daily basis. Because their job is to help us evolve, their work often entails helping us heal the wounds and issues that can block us and keep us from fulfilling what we came to earth to learn and accomplish. However, they can’t help us without some willingness and cooperation on our part. If we aren’t ready and willing to be healed, they do what they can to make us ready and willing by sending us people, books, or other information that will help us see the need for healing and inspire us to do something about it.
Suffering is often what brings us to this point of being open to receiving help and being open to believing that it can come from “God” or spiritual forces. Have you ever reached a point in your life when you said, “That’s it. I’m tired of being depressed (or unhappy or scared or addicted),” and you did something about it? Those are turning points that these beings rejoice in.
Just as human beings can become lost to love, some nonphysical beings, some of which have never been human, are lost to love. They are acting out in the same destructive ways on their level, and these levels have an effect on humanity.
Although most people are not aware of these destructive nonphysical beings, which will be called entities for simplicity and to differentiate them from beings of light, nearly everyone is affected by them. Those most affected are some of the most vulnerable people in our society: those who are mentally ill, drug or alcohol addicted, suicidal, and criminals. In some cases, entities not only perpetuate these conditions, but also cause them. When human beings fall into negativity and become consumed by negative feelings, particularly fear and hatred, they become vulnerable to psychic attack from entities, who see the possibility of gaining power over them.
Entities see themselves as gaining power by manipulating others. The more people they are able to affect, the more powerful they are in their realm. And the more powerful they are, the safer they feel. Unlike here, where love protects us by joining us with others who have resources that help us survive, entities are protected from being preyed on by other entities by being seen as powerful. Those who have less power are persecuted by those who have more power.
Whole worlds exist that are based on fear and power rather than on love. These worlds are hell realms. Earth is a heaven compared to these places, where love has no meaning. Eventually, these worlds will evolve, which happens through interventions from beings of light and others whose work it is to heal these realms.
Even high functioning human beings can be affected by entities. All it takes is a certain amount of negativity, which draws entities to you and allows them to remain there. For instance, if you have thoughts of self-hate, you will attract entities that resonate with that and help perpetuate those thoughts. If you have a lot of fear, you will attract entities that resonate with that and perpetuate that. Entities are part of the human condition, and as such, need to be addressed in healing the human condition. Entities don’t cause the initial negativity; the ego, wounding, and other conditioning cause that. But people who are very entrenched in the ego and its negativity become magnets to entities, who make it more difficult to become free of that negativity.
Entities make negativity difficult to overcome by increasing the intensity of our negative conditioning. They can increase the volume of it, so to speak, and increase the frequency of negative thoughts. When negative thoughts are unrelenting, detaching from them is very difficult. Until such thoughts diminish somewhat, they are very hard to ignore. Even when people know that a negative thought isn’t true and it should be ignored, they may still identify with it, in part, because they lack something else to identify with. If all that’s in your mind is negativity and you are strongly identified with your mind, then what else do you identify with? The negativity leaves no room for positive thoughts and interferes with the ability to experience Essence. Then it can seem like negativity is all there is and there is no way to escape it. Somehow, some positive programming needs to be created or activated to counteract the negative programming, but when the negativity is this great, someone else is usually needed to help with the reprogramming and give voice to Essence.
A very important step in this intervention, which is often overlooked by those who don’t know about entities, is sending the entities away. Sending them away is not particularly difficult; even the person whom they are attached to can do this. The biggest stumbling block to ridding negativity is not realizing that entities exist and are aggravating the problem. Healing is much more difficult when entities are intact. Therefore, healing needs to be approached from two directions: Any entities that are there need to be sent away, and the negativity that allowed them to be there needs to be healed.
When you identify with a negative thought, it’s like saying yes to that thought. This yes is an invitation to entities. It’s like saying, “You’re welcome here.” And the entities are likely to stay until you say no to that negative thought. Entities can’t coexist with positive thoughts and feelings. If your mind and feelings are positive, entities can’t come near you. Positive thoughts and feelings create a shield of sorts that prevents negative intruders from affecting you, as long as you continue to remain positive. A little negativity isn’t a problem if the negativity is short-lived and if positive thoughts and feelings are also accessible.
During times of stress, illness, emotional upheaval, and change, even people who generally think positively are vulnerable to entities, who await opportunities to influence them. Having an impact on otherwise positive-thinking people makes entities feel especially powerful. Negative entities leave positive-thinking people alone only because they can’t get to them. Otherwise, more positive people are as vulnerable to entity attacks as people who think negatively. Positive-thinking people bring too much love to others, and that is in opposition to the entities’ goals. Because entities are out to prove that love is weakness and not a viable path, they are especially interested in bringing loving people down. However, attacks on those who generally think positively often don’t last very long or have much effect because the power of positive thoughts and feelings (especially love) far outweighs the power of fear and negativity.
Knowledge is power. Ignorance of the existence of entities allows them to operate secretly. Knowing about them gives you the power to evict them and send them on their way, hopefully toward the Light (love). Beings of light do this for us when we ask them to. They also attempt to do this without our awareness. However, without our cooperation and agreement, their job isn’t as easy. As long as entities have a foothold because of some negativity, they are likely to remain unless that negativity is healed.
The negativity needs to be healed and the entities need to be sent away. Healing the negativity would be enough, but it’s often difficult to do that while entities are still there maintaining the negativity. To be successful, healing needs to be done in conjunction with sending the entities away. Any negativity that is strong enough to have entities maintaining it is going to need more than positive self-talk or talk therapy to heal it. The most persistent negative thoughts and feelings need work on a psychic level as well.
Nearly everyone has or has had entities attached to them. They are a major factor in the perpetuation of human suffering. They magnify the programming we were given. The programming itself is not so much of a problem because some of it is neutral and even positive, and there are spaces between our conditioned thoughts, where Essence is able to break through. However, programming can become a real problem, a prison of sorts, when it is magnified by entities. They don’t magnify all of our conditioning, just the conditioning that resonates with them. This conditioning drowns out other potentially helpful thoughts. Positive thoughts often don’t stand a chance in relation to these negative ones because they loom so large.
The persistence of these negative thoughts wears people down. They feel helpless, powerless, and hopeless in the face of such negativity. Many who are clinically depressed are in the grip of this phenomenon. Talking to them isn’t enough to draw them out of their negativity. Drugs work for some because they change the brain chemistry in a way that allows for more positive thoughts and feelings. Drugs give the person a break from the negativity so that they can begin to think more clearly again. Unfortunately, however, drugs don’t expel entities, and many attract them.

Life brings us the understanding, insight, courage, and determination we need to overcome our conditioning, but often not before we ask for it. Essence allows us to experience as much suffering from our conditioning as it takes to get us to want to be free of it. Suffering brings us to the doorstep of Essence, then Essence frees us.

 One reason that asking for help in healing conditioning is important and necessary is that it acknowledges the problem and our desire for a solution, which shows a readiness on our part to become free of our conditioning, or a piece of it. Without that readiness, help isn’t likely to be that helpful, whether it comes from physical or nonphysical helpers. Asking for help may seem too simple to matter, but it’s actually a very big step in the healing process.
When we open up to help from Essence and from helpers to heal our conditioning, help arrives. That is the meaning of, “Ask and you shall receive.” This statement doesn’t mean we’ll get everything our ego desires and asks for. It means that when we ask for help or healing or for what Essence intends for us (e.g. love, growth, peace, wisdom, understanding, clarity, fulfillment, happiness), we’ll receive it, although it may not come in the form we expect or desire.


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