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New Year's Eve Message from Jesus

Here is the channeled message from Jesus given on New Year's Eve, through Gina Lake. More information about the Christ Consciousness transmissions, where these messages are given is here:

A Channeled Message from Jesus: Jesus Introduces Himself

In weekly Christ Consciousness Transmissions, Jesus gives a channeled message in addition to the transmission.
Here is the channeled message from the first transmission session:

For more information about these weekly transmission online meetings, go here.

Announcing Christ Consciousness Transmissions (CCT)

I've been channeling the words of Jesus for several years, and now he has asked me to make myself available as an instrument of his transmission. I am simply an antenna for this universal force. Here's some more information about this:

What is Christ Consciousness?

jesus4Christ Consciousness refers to enlightenment or the realization of our oneness with all and our inherent divinity, exemplified by Jesus Christ. Jesus lived what he taught, and he taught from a higher state of consciousness, one free of ego. Jesus was an example of what we all can be, a model of what is possible for every human being, and he said as much. His message was that we, too, can be Christed—enlightened—as he was, and many are living proof of this today. Many are awakening to their true nature, and enlightenment is the culmination, or endpoint, of that process of awakening.

Jesus Christ, like other enlightened masters, was able to transmit universal Source energy to others because he was enlightened. It was not his energy that was transmitted. Rather, because he was enlightened, he was able to be an instrument of the universal energy that comes from Source, or God: the Oneness. Spiritual forces and Ascended Masters such as Jesus channel this universal Source energy to those on earth who are able to transmit it to others. Transmission is one of the main ways consciousness is raised and human evolution is advanced. Transmission may seem mysterious, but we don’t have to understand it or even feel it to be transformed by it. That we can be affected by certain people in this way is a gift from Source to aid us in returning Home.

Christ Consciousness transmissions:

Christ Consciousness transmissions are an opportunity to experience a direct transmission of love and healing and to break through to a new level of being. They will assist you in embodying Christ Consciousness and being your best self: who you came here to be. They are particularly intended for awakening and can also clear and cleanse longstanding issues by working with the subconscious when doing so is in service to awakening.

In a transmission, you will receive whatever is in your highest good to receive at the time. What you receive is not up to you and may never be known by you, although the results may be recognized over time. Transmissions work subtly, and so people vary in their ability to perceive them. It isn’t important that you feel anything in a transmission, although commonly people feel heat or energy flows or see or feel light or even colors. A transmission can have a powerful effect without you feeling or seeing anything at all.

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