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Love Is Behind Life from All Grace

all graceFor our purposes, it is not important or necessary to try to describe God in words. It is only important that you understand one thing: God is benevolent. The Designer is benevolent, and the proof is that love is what propels the Designer and shapes creation, and this is what I intend to prove to you.

It is important for you to know this, because deeply realizing this can change your life by shifting your state of consciousness. Knowing that you are loved, cared for, and supported by the Designer and that you have an important place and purpose in the design has the potential for transforming your outlook on life. Knowing this can shift you from the ego’s perspective of separation, fear, lack, and conflict with life to one that allows you to be at peace with life and to fall in love with it and be happy.

This falling in love with life is a return to your divine nature, which is in love with life. As God, you are completely head-over-heels in love with life! I know this because it is my experience and that of those in other dimensions beyond your own. It can be your experience as well—and it is meant to be. The experiences you have had and are having have been orchestrated to bring you to a realization of your true nature and to the love and happiness at your core.

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The Impersonal Nature of Thoughts

From In the World but Not of It: New Teachings from Jesus on Embodying the Divine

in the worldThoughts are not personal means they are impersonal, universal. The thought-stream is similar from one person to another, with only minor variations. Just as some people have blue eyes instead of brown, some have more of certain kinds of thoughts than others. But thoughts, regardless of what they are, serve the same two purposes. First, they define you: They tell you who you are, how you look, how you feel, how you compare to others, and how you’re seen by others. Second, they tell you what to do and how to behave: what you can and cannot do, what you should and should not do, and how to behave. The specific definitions and instructions vary, but everyone is given basic definitions and instructions. This is your programming, your software.

This programming comes partly from genetics and partly from conditioning, or programming acquired from the environment, particularly from those who raised you or with whom you grew up. And where did their definitions and instructions come from? The same place: from their genetics and their environment.

Given this, you can probably appreciate that your conditioning is not necessarily that useful or true now. If you look at the specific definitions and instructions about who you are and how you should behave, you can see they are arbitrary. They could apply to anyone, although the truth is, they apply to no one, really.

So much has happened within society in even just the last one hundred years, and yet similar conditioning continues to be passed down from one generation to the next. To say that some of it is outmoded would be an understatement. Because conditioning hasn’t kept up with evolution, it’s causing a lot of problems. People continue to believe things that aren’t true, such as the superiority of certain races and religions, and they behave in ways that are dysfunctional, such as trying to solve problems through war and terrorism. Conditioning that may have been appropriate or useful for one era is now contributing to humanity’s demise. This is no less true on a personal level. Much of your conditioning doesn’t contribute to your well-being but does the opposite. Seeing this is important now.

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A Channeled Message About Grace

Here is an excerpt about Grace from the channeled audiobook Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life. For another sample and for information about purchasing this audiobook, please go here.

FAQs About the Books from Jesus

Here is the page I've added to this website in response to frequently asked questions about the books I've written that have come from Jesus:

Listen to the audio or read the text below:

How are the books from Jesus written?
I receive the books from Jesus in the same way that Helen Schucman received A Course in Miracles, which is also said to be dictated by Jesus. Many others have also received their writings this way, including St. Teresa of Avila, St. Hildegard of Bingen, Richard Bach, and Neale Donald Walsch. This method of receiving information is called conscious channeling. It's a process of hearing words mentally and writing them down as they are heard, without any thought. I can receive this communication anywhere. I don’t need to be in a meditative or trance state. All that’s necessary is that I don’t think.

When I’m receiving this dictation, it’s as if Jesus is sitting in a chair next to me speaking the words, except that those words are heard mentally. I can ask questions during this dictation and receive answers, but the process works best when my own mind is completely set aside. Then the flow happens smoothly and rapidly and without interruption until a particular stopping place is reached.

When I’m writing a book, I usually write 700-1500 words each morning and then go over that later the same day, adding necessary punctuation and paragraphing. The words require very little editing, nor do I change anything in the organization of book. The books are given to me without me knowing what the book will include, although I’m given a table of contents.

Writing this way is a little like driving blind, in that I don’t know what’s coming next, although I might have an intuitive sense of it. It takes continual trust that the book will come together, which it always does. I couldn’t have written these books by myself. My books are my teachers, and I am privileged to share them.

How did you come to be a scribe for Jesus?
the jesus trilogyIdidn't ask for or necessarily desire to be a channel for Jesus, and I had no idea my work would take this turn. Life is full of surprises! However, in 2012, a spiritual shift and deepening happened, and I became aware of a profound connection to the Christian lineage that went back many lifetimes for me. That year, in the fall, Mother Mary appeared to me. I saw her and spoke with her. She said she would like me to write a small book for her and that Jesus would also be in contact soon.

Subsequently, I began having inner experiences of Mother Mary, Jesus, and a circle of twenty-six other Ascended Masters, who appeared to me in my mind’s eye and spoke to me in words I could clearly hear in my mind. The reason they gave me for appearing at that time is that I had reached a point in my growth and in my life when I would be working more closely with them. Here are a few of the inner experiences I had in 2013 with Mother Mary and Jesus, which I recorded in my spiritual log:

“Jesus’s face materialized, just for a few seconds, and he began to talk with me. I saw this in my mind’s eye and I heard his words inside my head. Jesus said that he and various Ascended Masters were behind my work and that I’d prepared for this role as a channel for eons. He said they are healing the world through the words I and others write and that words are especially powerful today because they can reach so many people. When Jesus spoke, I could feel how huge he is as a spiritual being. He is one of the main guardians of this planet. He has explained to me that he is available to all who are devoted to him and to anyone who calls upon him.”

On another occasion, I recorded this: “I felt and saw in my mind’s eye a circle of beings around me who were Ascended Masters. They looked like a circle of light-beings. Although they were indistinct figures, a sense of sacredness and holiness permeated the gathering. They were conveying intuitively to me a sense of celebration, like a birthday. There was a flame above each of their heads and above mine, as I stood in the center of the circle. The scene looked a little like a birthday cake, and I wondered if the candles on birthday cakes symbolized a new birth or new phase, as this seemed to. I was told that it was an initiation. After a few moments, they began to leave, one by one, and only one remained. It was Jesus. He said, ‘Welcome, my beloved child,’ and held out his arms. ‘You are part of this circle now. You have arrived at your destination. We will always be with you. You will receive training soon.'" It was later explained to me that the training Jesus was speaking about was in being an instrument of his teachings and a transmitter for Christ Consciousness and that this training would happen while I was asleep and at other times.

in the worldAnd on another day, this is what I wrote: “In my meditation, I felt moved to call on Mother Mary. She appeared to me and said: ‘Blessed One, I have a blessing for you and a rose.’ I then saw, in my mind’s eye, her hand me a red rose. ‘The rose is a symbol of love and connection with all and with me. When you see a rose, think of me,’ she said. The blessing she gave me felt like molasses moving slowly down my body from head to toe.”

Later, I learned from a religious scholar that the rose in Christianity is like the lotus in Hinduism and that Mary is often seen with roses. Roses were part of the miracle performed by the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Mother Mary is often depicted with roses at her feet. Furthermore, a rose is often depicted at the center of the cross. On another occasion, Mary placed a wreath of roses on my head and called me her child and said she would be there to greet and embrace me at the end of my life. It felt very heavenly and like I had always known her.

There is a purity in the experience of these beings and in their communication. They are loving, accepting, and very respectful of our free will. I see them inwardly, feel them, and hear them with distinct voices and energies. I've been channeling since 1986, so I have experience with the various beings in other dimensions, including the false ones, which I talked about in my batgap.com interview, which you can listen to here on my website.

all graceWhen I first started working with Jesus, I asked him if I should acknowledge him as the author, being somewhat concerned about what people might think about claiming this. He said I was free to choose not to do these books, but if I chose to, he wanted people to know that these were his words. He wanted people to have a direct and personal experience of him. I see now that having these books be in his voice has made them more powerful than if they had been in my voice.

I was concerned not only about seeming grandiose in claiming Jesus as the author of these books, but also about the negative associations many “spiritual but not religious” people have with Christianity and religion in general in its emphasis on guilt, fear, and judgment. But it is these very distortions of the teachings of Jesus and the wounds they’ve caused that Jesus now wishes to correct and heal through the books we are writing together.

I’m so happy now to share his words. These books have been my teachers, and I am humbled and blessed to be their servant. That is how I feel anyway. Writing these books has been a “choiceless choice.”

How do you know it’s Jesus?
I t might seem outrageous to claim that I channel Jesus, since he is such a prominent figure for this world, but Jesus is in touch with many, many people, although not as many can actually speak with him. He has told me that he is available to everyone who is devoted to him and his message. He is very involved with people and with the transformation of consciousness on this planet, along with many other Ascended Masters.

Here's another point, which you might find interesting. Lower astral entities who toy with channels do so to get power in their realm by telling people what to do. They are con men and may pretend to be higher beings, such as Jesus or Buddha, but interacting with them won't result in anything of value.

On the other hand, higher entities, such as Jesus and the being I channeled for twenty-three years before Jesus, who gracefully fell into the background in 2012, operate according to higher laws and rules. They cannot misrepresent themselves and they never harm, control, or tell people what to do, and they rarely provide personal information about the future. They teach and heal and work through channels to teach and heal. They are supportive and loving, but they never manipulate you or pump up your ego.

heroic lifeLower entities simply could not nor would they write a book like the ones I'm bringing through, although they could regurgitate a few phrases of perennial wisdom they gathered along the way if that would facilitate their con. Writing a book wouldn't be fun for them, and it's too lengthy a project. But more importantly, they aren't wise enough to do this. So, when an entire book comes through that is consistently wise and said to be from Jesus, then it is Jesus, because those capable of such wisdom wouldn’t misrepresent themselves: "By their fruits, you will know them."

As an aside, any differences in the many books written that are said to be from Jesus are likely due to differences in the channels’ backgrounds and vocabularies. Channels are instruments, and those instruments affect what comes through and how clearly it comes through.

I happily and gratefully share these words from Jesus and my relationship with him with you because it has so enriched me, and I can only hope that it will do the same for you. So, there you have it!

The books dictated by Jesus are The Jesus Trilogy, A Heroic Life, All Grace, In the World but Not of It, and a series of audiobooks called Jesus Speaking.

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