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Thank you for purchasing the What Jesus Wants You to Know Today audiobook. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com/us to view details of this transaction. This audiobook is a collection of MP3s (in a zip file). Bookmark this page so that you can return to it if necessary to re-download, and then click the link below to start downloading. (Note: The file starts downloading automatically when you click the link and can take several minutes to download. Check in your downloads folder for the zip file.)

Click Here to Download What Jesus Wants You to Know Today

Download time depends on the speed of your internet connection, but a high-speed connection is necessary. These MP3 recordings can be played back on most computers or MP3 players. Playback may require media player software such as Windows Media Player, included on most computers.



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