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This timely book explores many of the topics on seekers' minds today.


Faith, Facts, and Fiction: Finding Your Way on the Spiritual Path explores:

• The pitfalls on the spiritual path
• The key falsehoods in Christianity
• Cults, conspiracy theories, and abusive gurus
• The difference between a kundalini awakening and spiritual awakening
• What awakening and enlightenment are
• The benefits and dangers of transmissions
• The differences between old souls and younger souls
• Negative entities and lower astral beings and their influence on humanity
• Misinformation and inconsistencies from channels and psychics
• How to discern the level of a channeled being
• Psychic abilities and their development
• The phenomenon of Star People
• How to tell Truth from falsehoods

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 The audiobook, narrated by Gina Lake, will be available in July, 2021
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