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AWAKENING NOW is a self-directed and self-paced 100-day online course on a beautiful, user-friendly platform, where you can listen, read, or watch the course materials on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Here's What You Get with Awakening Now

Awaken and Transform Your Consciousness

Awakening Now will help you experience life through fresh eyes and discover the delight of truly being alive. This 100-day inner workout is packed with teachings, practices, guided meditations, and inquiries that will pull the rug out from under your ego and wake you up. The practices in Awakening Now will change your brain state so that you function more rationally, creatively, and compassionately and less from your fear-based, egoic self. This means you will be more at ease in the world and more in the flow and connected with your divine intelligence. By the end of 100 days, you will have developed new habits and ways of being that will result in greater joy and equanimity and being more richly alive and present.

Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution with Christ Consciousness Transmissions

10 live video webinars with Gina Lake and her husband are included, where you’ll receive Christ Consciousness Transmissions, which are a direct current of love and healing that will help you break through to a new level of being. These transmissions heal longstanding issues and support awakening. Transmission has been used throughout the ages to accelerate spiritual evolution and raise consciousness. More info about these transmissions is here.

Receive Expert Guidance and Support and a Connection to a Community

Throughout the course, you will be expertly and gently guided by me, Gina Lake, and any questions you have will be promptly answered on the course forum or through email. I know what it’s like to struggle with a negative mind and fears, to overcome depression, to have a successful meditation practice, and to live an awakened life—and I have counseled people on spiritual matters for over twenty-five years. This course is not just information, but a program of transformation, and I am engaged in this process with you to the degree that you want and need me to be. And, in the forum, you can connect with others who have a similar commitment to awakening, with whom you can share your experiences.

Join Awakening Now Today and Also Get "A Contemplation a Day"

In this bonus online course, every day for 60 days, you will receive a short contemplation that is read by me, Gina Lake, and set to soothing music. A Contemplation a Day is the perfect accompaniment to Awakening Now. These contemplations will help you experience more presence, happiness, love, contentment, gratitude, and awe.


What's in Each Module

MODULE 1: Getting to Know the Ego

We examine the thought-stream (the voice in your head) to discover the truth about it and to see what the ego, through the thought-stream, is up to and whether its communications are useful and necessary. We see that the ego is designed to keep us engaged with it and that it attempts to guide our life, however unskillfully. You develop a greater awareness of your thoughts and begin to examine your “I” thoughts and the character they refer to. You discover what that self is like and begin to peer into what the true self is like, as you become more aware of what is aware. And you experiment with guided meditations as a means for quieting the mind and experiencing who we really are.


MODULE 2: Overcoming Fear and Being in the Now

We explore the truth about fear and how to defuse its power over us, and we examine any distrust we may have toward life, which also keeps us from being more present in our life. We see that life is, in fact, trustworthy and supportive, despite the ego’s perceptions. We explore why and how to forgive and let go of the past. You find out what it’s like to live in the present moment, and through a guided meditation, you experience the space between thoughts.

MODULE 3: How to Meditate

You learn the benefits of meditation, how to meditate, why meditation is important, and how to overcome any resistance you may have to it. We also explore what creates stress and how to relieve it. In a guided meditation, you experience the power of listening to bring you into Presence.


MODULE 4: More About Meditation

You are introduced to one more way to meditate and experience what it’s like to be fully in your body and senses. By practicing experiencing whatever you're experiencing without judging it or trying to hold on to it or push it away, you learn to stay in the present moment. We explore further any resistance you may still have to meditation. And we also take a look at how you may be interfering with your own happiness: How do you make yourself unhappy? In a guided meditation, we explore who you really are.

MODULE 5: Practices That Enhance Positive Feelings

You discover the power of gratitude to overcome negativity and increase the flow of love and positive feelings in your life, and you take time to practice it. You also explore the power of smiling to change your state and change your brain. By making time for these two practices, you see that being in a positive state is in your control and that by focusing on the experience of that state in your body, you become anchored in the present moment and in touch with your innate joy and love. You also try out the effectiveness of repeating various mantras and positive phrases to change your state.

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MODULE 6: Meditating on Beauty

You are introduced to more activities that bring you into the moment and into intimate contact with what is truly satisfying: our true nature. You increase your capacity to be present in your daily life as well as your ability to experience beauty everywhere and in everything by practicing focusing on something beautiful, without thoughts about it. Through a guided meditation, you also increase your capacity to be present to what is rather than to thoughts. Through inspired writings, you are pointed to the goodness behind all life, including within yourself. And as you go about your day, you practice being in your body and being present to its movements.

MODULE 7: Breathing Practices

You discover the power of breath to change your state of consciousness. By experimenting with various ways of breathing, you learn what works for you to deepen into meditation more quickly and to relieve stress during your day. Through writings, you learn more about the mysterious duality that we all are: We are both human and divine. We are divine perfection expressing as human imperfection, which itself is perfect. And, through a talk and guided meditation, you come to understand more about who you are and experience it.

module 7

MODULE 8: Love and Forgiveness Practices

We examine the importance and power of forgiving others and ourselves. Forgiveness frees us from the past and allows us to be present and to love. Through a practice of forgiving and sending love to others, you clear your past relationships. Love heals, and we heal as we align with it. Selected writings inspire you to make love the basis for your speech and actions. And in a guided meditation, you experience being loved and being love.

MODULE 9: Spiritual Inquiry

We explore the power of spiritual inquiry to deconstruct the false self and experience the true self. Through examining the various voices of the ego and getting to know its different personas, we are empowered to detach from it. Once we see the truth about the ego, ignoring the egoic mind’s chatter becomes much easier. Then it is possible to experience who we really are. You try out various inquiry techniques to uncover who you are, and you experience yourself as the Noticer in a guided meditation.

AN module 9

MODULE 10: The Practice of Prayer

You learn about the power of prayer and what prayer is, what it accomplishes, when to pray, and how to pray. You learn to connect with and experience the spiritual forces that work on your behalf to bring about your evolution. You see they are real and here to serve you. With a simple surrender technique, you surrender all worries, fears, and “problems” easily. You discover what it means to let things be as they are and what happens when you do.

“I have been on this spiritual journey for fifty years. I have read a library of books and taken as many classes. In all this time, I have never seen or heard what your class is showing me. This heart feels so humbled. I just don't know what else to say to express what has come alive inside. Such a gift you are giving to all of us. My heart prayers are all being answered here. Thank you beyond words, Gina. Bless you.” —Jane R.

“I am so grateful for this beautiful well-structured course. There is so much wisdom and knowledge in these teachings. The information is delivered in a way that is simple and easy to understand. As I worked through the lessons, I’ve experienced more joy, happiness, stillness, and feelings of pure love and oneness in my daily life. By practicing these lessons, I know that this can become my permanent state of consciousness. Thank you also to Gina for the constant support and encouragement throughout the lessons.” —Marie S.

“I would recommend this course for anyone who is on the spiritual path. Everything you learn—and unlearn—is applicable in daily life. During the course, I realized these teachings are all about setting yourself free from the voice in your head, free from the thoughts that accompany you all the time. This course is like a manual for a fulfilling, peaceful life. The Christ Consciousness Transmissions really intensify the experience. Even when you have completed the course, you will find yourself rereading these teachings, because life challenges us all the time. This course has definitely changed my life for the better.” —Sandra H.
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The entire course is in both audio and text. Each module is packed with guided meditations, recorded talks, inquiries, activities, and videos. You will receive the first module's materials as soon as you join and then continue to receive a new module every 10 days. You will always be able to return to the materials even after you have completed the course.