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Moving Beyond Ego Online Course


MovingBeyondEgoEnticementIn this 8-week online course with Gina Lake, you will learn how to free yourself from the voice in your head and its negative, fearful, stressful, and limiting beliefs. We all struggle with the voice in our head, which scolds us, judges us, tells us how to be, who we are, and what to do. Fortunately, this voice is not our true voice. It is the voice of the ego and the conditioned self, not the true self. Freeing ourselves from this voice frees us from suffering.

This collection of talks will help you become more aware of the voice in your head, what it is up to, and how false it is, which will help you detach from it. More importantly, you will discover what it’s like to become free of this voice and live from a truer place, one aligned with your divine self and its guidance. You will discover how living this way is not only more creative, wise, peaceful, and loving, but also safe and provides for all your needs. The materials consist of eight 25-35-minute talks, with transcripts and other supportive materials, which you will receive over the course of 8 weeks. The talks are mp3s and downloadable onto any device. $33 (USD)

You will learn...

• How the voice in our head creates an illusory sense of ourselves and the world,
• What the false self is and how it maintains itself through fears, opinions, judgments, and certain false assumptions,
• How desires maintain the ego,
• What voices or personas and disguises the ego takes on,
• What kinds of thoughts are typically in the thought-stream,
• How to heal negative feelings and clear negative thoughts and self-images,
• How to meditate,
• Various methods and practices for becoming more present,
• How to speak and act from Presence, and
• How to create a lifestyle that supports Presence.

This collection of talks is accessed through an online course platform (called Ruzuku), where you can download the talk for that week onto your listening device or listen to it on the platform. This online platform is easy to use, and you will continue to have access to this platform and the talks and transcripts even after eight weeks. These talks, which are mp3s, are yours to keep and use as many times as you like. $33 (USD)

Here is one of the 8 talks in this online course (24 min.):


Join Today for Only $33 US

  •  "I am filled with gratitude for the tangible change this course has made in my life. I experience life with new eyes and sensations and understandings. Before I was one of many nouns in the world, and now I am the white paper that everything is written on! It seems impossible that just by working this 8-week course such a fundamental change can occur. Gina Lake gently walks us through the different stages of becoming the witness of our life and letting go of the attachment to our egoic thoughts." –Eileen L.

     “I want to share that this course was everything I could hope for. Concise, clear, and organized, I looked forward to each weekly lesson. I guess I just can't say enough about the quality of Gina's teachings in every regard.” –D. Brown


     “I'm able to step back and wake up to the present moment more and more every day.” –Bob Z.

  •  “Your wisdom on how the ego drives us was such a relief to take in. I was happy for the time between lessons to practice presence and say no to my ego, and I settled in with a new self-respect and tools for treating myself with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness for forgetting who I am. I could feel Presence with no harsh judgment coming at me. I especially enjoyed your soft way of talking to me about it in the talks. I felt like you had been a lifelong friend who knew me deeply. No words can truly convey my gratitude.” –R. Remington

     “This course is wonderful! So what I need at this point in my life.” —Gay

  • “I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your being right here with us, Gina. Your presence here on this course is amazing Grace, as I actually feel your love and compassion and caring and am so grateful for your wisdom. Helping each of us, right where we are, move to higher ground and turn our lives around. Such a blessing.” -J. M.

    “I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying Moving Beyond the Ego. It is helping me understand a lot about the ego and its many voices and manifestations. The material feels so pure, and I am grateful to be listening to it.” –Jean B.


    “I just finished listening to the recording regarding negative beliefs, and when I turned it off, there was so much peace in me—peace and quiet. Thank you.” –Barbara H.