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Message for the Week

Below is the audio and text for this week's and last week's channeled messages from Jesus that were part of the Christ Consciousness Transmission (CCT) online meetings. More info about the online transmissions is here. More channeled messages from Jesus are also available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here.

The first message below is the most recent one:

Is There Free Will?

Is There Free Will?

Greetings! This is the one you have known as Jesus the Christ. Many seekers on the path are confused about free will—is there free will or not? Yes! The answer is that yes there is and no there isn’t. Both are true. Let me explain.

You definitely are free to choose what to have for breakfast, for instance, right? You can choose yogurt or oatmeal or something else. However, the options you consider and the choice you make around this is determined by your habits, preferences, what you have on hand, what is considered breakfast food, what your body is able to tolerate, unconscious forces, and beliefs about what’s good for you and what you should eat. So, how free is your free will when your choices are circumscribed by these things? You also aren’t free to choose to eat a mango if one isn’t ripe and available or caviar if you can’t afford caviar, for instance. So, yes, you have free will, but your choices are limited and shaped and determined by many other factors.

There are also a lot of things you aren’t free to choose: You aren’t free to choose what gender or race you are, how tall you are, or how you look, for the most part. You aren’t free to choose a different family or a different past. You aren’t free to choose how events will unfold or what will happen in the future. There is much more that you are not free to choose than what you are free to choose. There’s much more in life that just happens to you beyond your control than what you are able to control with your free will. It turns out that your will is a minor factor in the scheme of things and not all that free but shaped by many forces.

However, there is one very important thing that you are free to choose, which will determine your level of happiness and your experience of life, and that is your attitude toward your experience: You are free to choose to be happy about something or upset—to be angry, sad, or resentful or to accept something. Although much of what you experience you are not in control of and do not choose, you can choose your inner climate, or attitude toward your experiences. You can always choose to be happy, grateful, accepting, at peace, and loving. Always. Maybe you won’t feel happy or grateful for a particular experience, but your overall state can be one of happiness and gratitude if you focus on the things in your life that make you happy and grateful and not on the things that don’t.

Without exception, your inner climate is in your control, although it may not seem to be because the ego and your conditioning (i.e., your programming) are often in control of your reactions to life. Your thoughts and, therefore, your feelings are not under your control unless you become aware of them and choose against the programming. People’s attitude toward life is usually controlled by their programming, and although they are free to choose against their programming, they often don’t—because programming is programming. You aren’t programmed to choose against your programming. You are programmed to not choose freely but to follow your default programming. Not choosing is the path of least resistance, while making a free choice actually takes awareness of the programming.

Where does this awareness come from? It obviously doesn’t come from the ego, which is programming. Awareness is a quality of your divine nature. When the Divine begins waking up in you, it does this by making you more aware of the programming. You become more aware of your thoughts and the feelings that stem from them rather than being lost in them and at the mercy of them. Once a certain amount of awareness has awakened within you, you start making different choices—better choices, ones more aligned with true happiness, peace, joy, and love. But before this awareness has developed, people are at the effects of their programming. They have a very limited ability to choose. They choose within the programming.

Before a certain point in your spiritual evolution when you become more aware, what chooses is generally the ego and conditioning, according to preferences, habits, egoic desires and fears, what you’ve been taught, what you’ve learned or concluded, and unconscious factors and drives, such as astrological tendencies. For most people, at least those with little awareness of their thoughts and feelings, free will essentially refers to the will of the ego or one’s will as it is driven by other conditioning, including training, habits, and astrological tendencies. So, is this will free? The ego and conditioning, including one’s astrological tendencies, is essentially programming. If your programming is determining your choices, can we say that you are freely choosing?

So, you see, the small will—the will of the ego and choices determined by one’s conditioning and astrology—is not actually free. It appears free, in that you can choose yogurt or oatmeal, for instance. You can even choose to go to law school instead of becoming an English major, which is a much bigger and more important choice than what you have for breakfast. But even such bigger choices are determined to a large extent by your astrological tendencies and, importantly, your soul’s plan, which is also a type of programming. Your soul’s plan is shaped to a large extent by your astrology chart and by the environment and circumstances you were born into, which were chosen by your soul.

In fact, your life is being continually shaped by a larger will—by Thy will, or your soul’s intentions. So, even if you choose to go to law school, if you are meant to be a writer, you’ll be steered by Life, by the hand of Grace, or Thy will, away from law into a more appropriate course of study. Thy will always trumps the small will. You are allowed to follow the small will only as long as it doesn’t interfere with Thy will, with your soul’s plan. And often the small will doesn’t interfere. When it does, Life finds a way to stop you from going in the direction your small will is taking you and opens up opportunities in the direction of what your soul needs and wants to experience.

Opportunities and blocks are the means the soul uses to steer you in your life and co-create your life with you. You co-create with Life by choosing either what your ego wants or following your divine self’s drives and passions, which are given to you intuitively. If you listen to your mind too much in your life, you are listening to your ego, the small will, and that will not always serve you, although many times what your ego wants is not a problem for the soul, and it works with that or works around that.

So, how free is your will when Thy will trumps it? Thy will is a stronger force than anything you can create with the small will. Thy will, will have its way with you. Usually, what happens is a co-creation of the small will and Thy will. However, the best result is when the small will and its desires are held lightly and Thy will is followed most completely. This is how you are meant to live, with Thy will at the helm, and this is what happens as you progress spiritually. Thy will becomes your will, as you surrender the ego’s will to what’s coming out of the flow and to the guidance you are being given intuitively. This takes practice, but by the end of your incarnations, living this way is natural and easy.

Awareness of your thoughts and feelings is what allows divine will to come forward and take the helm. As I said, this awareness develops within you as you progress spiritually. Its development can be hastened through spiritual practices, particularly meditation, which develops your ability to be aware of what you’re thinking and feeling. This is key to true freedom, which ironically is freedom to be nobody special but to be your divine self, the same consciousness that abides in everyone.

When Thy will is the will that you are following, can we even speak about it as free will when it feels more like no will and no need for a will? Thy will is what happens when the small will is surrendered, then all that’s left is Thy will, which doesn’t belong to you at all. When there is no you (no false self, no egoic self) with a will, can we even call what remains free will? Thy will becomes simply whatever is true to do in any moment. What you do becomes a choiceless choice. There is no sense of there being a false self that would argue or prefer or choose anything but the natural unfolding that is already occurring of which you are a part. When you are one with All That Is, your will is the same as whatever is already happening.

I hope this information helps you relax and enjoy life and trust the perfect unfolding of which you are a part. I am with you always.

A Guided Meditation from Jesus to Wake You Up from Awakening Now Online Course

A Guided Meditation from Jesus to Wake You Up from Awakening Now Online Course

Greetings! This is the one you have known as Jesus the Christ. Rest a moment now from all your thoughts and desires and what you think you need or what you may be worried about. Let’s put all these thoughts down for now, as you relax into wherever you are and do nothing else but listen to these words. All you have to do right now is just be here, and listen and notice your body and energy naturally respond to what I’m about to say.

Within you is a device that registers words—not just the meaning of words but the feel of those words. This is what I’m interested in having you pay attention to today as I’m speaking. Pay attention to the experience of my words within your body-mind. How do my words land within you? What response is there? Words are powerful. They have an effect on you and your body and on your internal state. Often people aren’t aware of this effect, but you can become more aware of this, more sensitive to this, if you pay very close attention. Take a moment now and notice how your body and the more subtle energy of your body feel right now. Just notice. There’s no need to evaluate this with your mind or for this to be any way other than the way it is. Just notice the experience of your body and energy in this moment… (30 seconds)

Attention is the key to tuning in to reality and to the subtle realm underpinning reality and, therefore, to being happy and aligned with your divine self. What you give your attention to determines your experience of life. Usually, people miss the subtleties and beauty of life because they’re giving their attention to the more obvious things—things the mind likes to pay attention to, such as the words in your own mind, which will often contract you and make you tense. However, some words can do the opposite of contracting you. Those words are a special kind, words that soothe and words that speak the Truth, which are one and the same. The Truth is soothing; the Truth relaxes you.

Usually, the words that go through your head are not very soothing, and even if they occasionally are, they often jump pretty quickly to something else. Reality, on the other hand, is much slower and simpler than life as the mind imagines it. In a few seconds, the mind can travel around the world, and while those thoughts are very stimulating, they aren’t very true, and so leave you a little empty, wanting more of something. The mind’s thoughts don’t satisfy because they aren’t actually real. But when words point to the Truth, to what is actually real, they can be very satisfying because they bring you into your true nature, which is peace, contentment, joy, and love.

Peace is satisfying, contentment is satisfying, joy and love are satisfying. All of these are enough just as they are. When you are experiencing them, you don’t need anything else. You would stay in peace, contentment, love, and joy just naturally if it weren’t for a mind that draws you away from this state into its made-up world. The mind dangles its pretty but empty thoughts in front of you, and you can’t help but follow them much of the time. But where do they lead? Not to such a pretty place sometimes. The mind is restless, and it won’t be content with just staying in peace or staying with contentment or joy or love for very long. The mind pulls at you.

But you—this “you” that the mind pulls at—are not the mind, are you? What is this you? Who is it that the mind is speaking to? Just sit with this question a moment. I will give you a moment to sense this. Who is it that the mind is speaking to? … (30 seconds)

You must not be the mind if the mind is speaking to you. You are what the mind is speaking to. You are what is listening to the mind, what is experiencing the mind. You experience your mind, you experience life, and you experience the impact of your mind and everything else that you experience in your body. You are what experiences everything.

Now, turn your attention for a moment to this body that is the vehicle through which you are able to experience life. What is your body experiencing now? What is it experiencing through your senses and also on subtle energetic levels? (30 seconds)

You are not the body, either, are you, since you use your body to experience life? Again, who is this you that is experiencing through this body? Even your body is just an experience! There’s something here that is using the body to experience life and that has a mind that says all sorts of things—things you’re not aware of until you are—things you aren’t actually thinking, since you aren’t aware of these thoughts until they’ve already crossed your mind.

You aren’t aware of your thoughts before they come into your mind, only once they’re expressed as a thought. Your thoughts come out of nowhere! How interesting! Since they are news to this you, we can’t really say they are your thoughts. You are aware of thoughts, just like you may be aware of a bird singing or traffic noise or an itch. All of these things are being experienced by you, but you are beyond them. You are the observer, the witness, the experiencer, the space in which they are arising. Let’s take a moment now to just experience this space in which everything is arising, and notice what sounds, sensations, thoughts, intuitions, feelings, and whatever else is arising in it…. (45 seconds).

This is very peaceful isn’t it, just resting in this space and noticing what is—just being in reality? This is peaceful because you are peace. Reality, including the real you, is peaceful! When you are resting, noticing, listening, being, experiencing, you are being you, and the experience of you is peace. That is one of the qualities of who you are.

Another is love. Can you experience that too right now? Take a moment to see if you are love as well. Just notice that love is also in that space. Love is a subtle experience that you can feel whenever you choose to, simply by noticing the love that is always present. But you might have to quiet the mind and body first before you’re able to tune into this level of subtlety. So, take a moment now to tune into love… (30 seconds)

There is one other quality that is the essence of who you are that I’d like you to explore, and that is joy. It feels very similar to love but it’s a little different. Can you tune into that now? (30 seconds)

Tuning in to the subtle world will nourish you and reset your experience of life. If you don’t periodically nourish yourself this way, you are like what the Buddhists call a hungry ghost—hungering after one thing after another while never being satisfied by the mind’s thoughts, imaginations, or its desires. The imaginary world of the mind is about as fulfilling as a picture of a delicious meal or reading a menu. Pictures and words are symbols of reality that help you communicate with each other across time, but pictures and words don’t satisfy your soul. If you live inside your mind, you’ll never be satisfied; you’ll always be hungry, empty, unfulfilled.

The subtle world, where your divine self lives, cannot be accessed through the mind, only by going beyond the mind—by getting out of your mind and into your body and then going deeper from there. To show you what I mean, just for a moment, think of a cookie. Just this instruction will set off lots of other thoughts, one right after another. The mind won’t land on just one thought and stay there. The thought of a cookie spawns many, many more thoughts, which will run away with you if you let it. This is the nature of the mind. Now think of how eating a cookie makes you feel. Yummy, right? Those of you who like cookies might be experiencing some happiness from just the thought of a cookie. The body is like that. Thoughts can evoke feelings, which are felt in the body. Now you are in your body as long as you don’t let another thought take you back into your head. That happiness belongs to the subtle realm. It’s felt in the body as a subtle energy. Let’s focus on that happiness for a moment. (20 seconds)

We used the imagination of a cookie to bring you into your body and into a state of happiness, but any number of imaginations might work just as well. For instance, imagine how much you love someone, a pet, or some beautiful thing. Imagining that can take you into the subtle realm and an experience of love. This is a good use of the imagination. Thoughts that take you out of the mental realm into the body and senses and into the subtle realm can be useful bridges for connecting with your divine nature and its qualities of joy, peace, and love. Affirmations, prayers, and other positive thoughts can take you out of the mind into a truer place—into reality.

When you use words this way, as bridges to the experience of your divine self, you are making a choice to do this. Who is this you that makes this choice? Who is this you that is choosing to listen to this and who is also able to choose not to listen or choose to give your attention to something else? That is who you are! Your mind is not what chooses this. There is only one “thing,” if you will, that can choose anything, and that is who you really are. The false self, who you often think of yourself as, is just words in your head, and not even words that came from you, the real you. These words that you think of yourself as just came into your head, but they don’t accurately represent who you really are. That’s why the false self is called “false.” The false self is an imposter self.

The real you (and the only you) has been here all along making choices according to divine will or making choices according to your ego and conditioning. When the divine self begins waking up in you, your divine self chooses more and more and gets lost in ego identification less and less. This is the spiritual process of waking up. You wake up little by little until, one day, you don’t go back to sleep.

The you is waking up now and increasingly aware of the thoughts that come into your mind and their effect on your body and energy. And the more aware you become of who you really are, the more able you are to choose to live in reality rather than the mind’s made-up reality, and the more able you are to live in peace, love, and joy.

Thank you for your attention and being willing to experience who you really are. This experience will continue to grow within you until it is your ongoing experience. Peace!

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