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Below is the audio and text for this week's and last week's channeled message from Jesus that was part of the Christ Consciousness Transmission (CCT) online meetings, which take place Saturdays at 5 pm Pacific time and Sundays at 11 am Pacific time each week. More info about the online transmissions is here. More channeled messages from Jesus are also available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here. To get notifications of new videos that we post, click the bell icon after you’ve subscribed.

The first message below is the most recent message:

How to Heal Humanity and Transform the World (15 min.)


How to Heal Humanity and Transform the World

Greetings! This is the one you’ve known as Jesus the Christ. Everyone and everything is unfolding. Every person, like a flower or other plant, or an animal, unfolds according to his or her plan. That plan, whether it is a plant, an animal, or a human being, is in its DNA. Unfolding and growing and learning as a result of that growth is part of life for every living thing. Plants and animals can’t help but learn, and either can you.

Like plants and animals, you are programmed to have certain experiences for your growth and evolution, and those experiences cannot be avoided. Plants are destined to flower or bear seeds and die, and so you too have a destiny. Certain experiences are in the design for you.

However, unlike animals and plants, you have free will, and you can oppose this design. And when you do that, you suffer. It feels terrible to oppose what is natural and part of one’s design—and that is the right experience. Otherwise, growth and evolution wouldn’t happen according to plan, and plans are important.

This universe and others are designed by the Great Designer; they are not haphazard or purposeless. Every creation has its own purpose within the Whole and, therefore, has a specific design. You are designed to fulfill a purpose within creation. When you are fulfilling that design, you are said to be in the flow, and when you are not, you are said to be not in the flow.

Being in the flow is a happy, loving, and peaceful experience, while the opposite is true for not being in the flow. And, as I said, that is how it’s meant to be. The discomfort of being out of the flow is meant to bring you back into the flow. This discomfort is not a punishment, but a signal, a warning that you are out of the flow. Without such a corrective mechanism, the Whole would not function properly.

You are like the cells in a body: Each cell must perform the function for which it was designed, or the body won’t function properly. This is not only a good metaphor; this is a reality: You are cells within the body of God!

And, just as in the body there are healthy, well-functioning cells and possibly unhealthy, poorly functioning or non-functioning cells, there are people who are functioning well and fulfilling their design and others who are not, and everything in between. And these unhealthy cells or people are a problem for the Whole. Every cell and every person has an impact on the Whole. No cell or person stands alone or apart from the Whole, and every cell or person matters to the Whole.

And so, it is with you. Every one of you matters to the Whole and to God. While you are given free will, your will affects not only you but everyone else. Diseased cells, for instance, affect the cells around it, which must compensate for the diseased cell’s errant ways or try to correct its negative effects on the body. What you do matters!

And what you do begins with what you think. What you think determines what you do, so what you think, and particularly what you believe, matters to all of creation. Creation will either benefit or not from that. You can be a boon to the Whole or a drag upon it, but that is allowed. You are allowed to make damaging choices, even ones that impair the Whole, for when you damage yourself or another, you do damage the Whole.

You think of your free will as “yours” and, therefore, as something that affects mostly you, but your free will affects everyone and everything in the universe. This is a daunting reality—to be this powerful! And yet you are this powerful, perhaps without you being aware of your power. So, I am explaining this to you now so that you know for sure that you are powerful and you are important.

You may be asking, “How can my small, day-to-day choices matter to the Whole? Many of them don’t seem to affect anyone but myself.” What you are not seeing here is that you are all connected on deeper levels than just the physical. So, while some choice you make may not ostensibly affect anyone else, it still does.

And this is how it does: Every thought you have that you believe becomes part of humanity’s collective consciousness and unconsciousness, and this does affect every human being. You are connected to everyone, even to those you’ve never met. You are connected on levels that you are unaware of.

If a certain thought, for instance, is prominent in humanity—in the egoic minds of humanity—then it has gotten there through repetition and agreement. Your egoic minds are very similar from one human being to another. This is not only because you share culture and an ego, but also because you share history, going back millennia—and you share minds! At your core and at the level of mind, you are one. Your minds are literally connected to each other.

You share with everyone both the negativity of the egoic mind and the wisdom and brilliance of your true self. You are not so different from each other. You think the same thoughts, have the same feelings, and have the same potential to be divine. There is really only one mind and one being, expressing as humanity in so many different forms.

This truth has important ramifications for humanity: The more you heal your own mind, the more healed humanity’s mind becomes and the easier it will be for other people to heal and become more free. What you think and believe matters to all of humanity! Change your own mind for the better, and the one mind you share as humanity is changed.

You can heal and free humanity without even leaving the house just by healing your own mind and freeing yourself from the lies that humanity has bought into for millennia. This is encouraging, is it not, for all of you who wonder if the emotional and spiritual work you are doing has any practical effect in the world? It has! The work you do on yourself to heal and raise your consciousness matters not only to you, but to every other human being. Emotional healing and spiritual work are that valuable! When you heal yourself, you heal humanity. When you raise your consciousness, you raise humanity’s consciousness.

It may be hard to see the fruits of this work, and you will never be fully aware of them, for you are not privy to the subtleties of such mysteries. And it may take a while before you experience those fruits, but they are there more than you know. They matter more than you know! And it doesn’t matter if you are doing this emotional and spiritual work only to free yourself; the work you do on yourself will also naturally and automatically free others, although you are not likely to be aware of that.

It is not only your prayers, intentions, and actions to help others that make a difference in the world. More important are your efforts to raise your own consciousness and free yourself from the limitations and negativity of your own mind. Be selfish in this regard, because there is no such thing as being selfish when you are doing something to free yourself from what is truly selfish: the ego. Freeing yourself from your own ego is the most important work you will ever do, with the most far-reaching consequences.

People too often argue that spirituality is not practical, that it has little or no impact on the problems in the world. And perhaps some of the things people do in the name of spirituality don’t have much of an impact. But I can guarantee that meditation and other spiritual practices that raise your consciousness also affect humanity’s consciousness as a whole—and this is the only way that humanity’s consciousness is raised: one person at a time.

It is fine if you are moved to work to improve the environment or other conditions on this planet. That is excellent and in line with many people’s life purpose. But it is also fine if you are not drawn to doing these things but drawn, instead, to spiritual practices and a lifestyle that is not very involved with the world.

One of the main ways that things are changing and will change in this world is by people turning within, discovering who they really are, seeing through the lies in their egoic mind, and then acting accordingly in their lives in small and larger ways. What good is it if your actions are not informed by your true self but by your ego’s fear, judgment, hatred, guilt, or anger? How can such ill-informed actions transform humanity at the core, which is what is needed? You already know what a world of the ego’s creation looks like. You have to create the world anew by becoming new within yourself, each and every one of you.

If I thought there was any other way to accomplish that, I would be teaching that. But I am teaching you what you need to know to transform your consciousness, to bring Christ Consciousness to this world. That is what my teachings are about and why I’m bringing them to you now at this point in history.

Humanity needs to be transformed from the inside out, and it won’t be transformed any other way. Clearing out the lies, mistaken beliefs, negative feelings, and confusion from your own body-mind will make it a clear vehicle for not only Truth, with a capital “T,” but also for your own personal truth regarding how to live your life. Once you have become clear on the inside, your actions will be clear, clean, decisive, and helpful to all of humanity. Without that inner clarity, humanity is like a dirty engine that doesn’t function smoothly or properly and may even break down.

Become clear and clean inside, within yourself, and then humanity’s mind will also become that much clearer and cleaner. Please share these insights with others. Humanity can be and is “fixed,” so to speak, from the inside out, by seeing the falseness of the egoic mind, the voice in your head, and by discovering the truth that will set you free.

I am here to deliver this Truth, which is the universal Truth—what has always been true and will always be true. That truth is based in love. It is this truth that will save humanity. Do this emotional and spiritual work not only for yourself but for everyone. Thank you for being open to this message. I am with you always.

How to Move Beyond Identities (14 min.)


How to Move Beyond Identities from Jesus Speaking: On Awakening to Love

Everyone has multiple identities: You are a son or daughter, perhaps a mother or father, an employee or a boss, or unemployed or self-employed. Identities are traded throughout your life, depending on your circumstances. All that an identity is, is a self-mage, an idea about yourself. Whenever you describe yourself as something—short, smart, absent-minded, creative, playful, foolish—you take on an identity, even for just that moment.

Some identities are held throughout your lifetime. These are usually the ones established in early childhood. They can be the most limiting of all identities because they are the most believed and have the least flexibility around them. They are also the ones you are most attached to and, therefore, the most problematic. The funny (or not so funny) thing is that people are often most attached to the identities that cause them the most suffering. The identities that are most believed are often painful ones.

These and all your other identities need to be examined so that they don’t continue to affect your life unconsciously. One of the difficulties with identities is that there are so many that it is difficult to see them all and examine them all. They pop up like weeds, and you have to keep pulling them, or seeing the falseness of them.

Identities, like all thoughts, are only a problem when they are believed and to the extent that they are believed. If you examine your identities, just as with other thoughts, you can discover their falseness. Once you do that, you are no longer at their mercy. Once you see that an idea is false, it loses its power over you.

However, you may have to see its falseness many times—not just once—before an identity loses its momentum. Like all thoughts, all conditioning, identities have a certain momentum to them. So, even when you have seen through them, they will still arise for a while and still have some power to catch you up. But eventually, if you keep recognizing their falseness, they will stop arising.

What I mean by falseness is that none of your identities is the whole truth. For instance, you may be a father, but that isn’t all you are. You have many more identities, and ultimately you aren’t even those other identities. Or, there may be some truth in saying that you are fearful or unsure of yourself or however else you might describe yourself, but you are never this way in every moment. Such identities must be maintained by continually thinking of yourself that way. If you stop doing that for even a moment, you “become” something else, either another identity or you drop into your true self.

Your identity as a false self is very fluid, very unstable, because the false self depends on giving certain thoughts your attention and belief, and no one can maintain such attention indefinitely. Because your thoughts cannot be sustained, no identity can be sustained. Your thoughts and identities come and go, like masks you put on and take off, although some come and go more often. The false self is an illusion, based on nothing lasting or true.

What is lasting and true and what does not come and go is your true self, your true identity, you could say. Who you are is not based on thought and not known through thought. You are what is beyond all thoughts about yourself, beyond all identities. Your true self has no definition, no face, no self-image, although your mind might imagine one. That’s how it pretends to know something it can never know.

The reason for talking about identities is to point you beyond them. It isn’t enough to replace the negative images of yourself with positive ones. That is helpful—a step in the right direction—but that only gets you so far. Any and every identity is a source of suffering. You can suffer over a positive identity just as much as a negative one. Even the positive identities need to be seen through. Let me explain.

All identities are high-maintenance, especially positive ones. They are difficult to maintain for reasons just mentioned: Ideas about yourself are constantly changing, depending on what is going on, and you have no control over this. If you have a positive identity, then you will be uncomfortable anytime that identity changes into its opposite, which it will. For instance, if you see yourself as doing everything well, then you have to work very hard to maintain that identity. In the end, you won’t be able to, and then you suffer.

It hurts to not live up to a positive identity. This feels like a failure. So, those with positive identities are always struggling with perfection, when such perfection is quite impossible. No one can maintain a positive identity for long, before doubts and experiences challenge that. Then what are you? A failure? Identities swing between positive and negative, and there is no peace in that. There is no peace in the duality of the ego’s world.

There is only peace in moving beyond duality, where you know yourself as neither good nor bad, positive nor negative. The only way to move beyond duality is to realize your true nature, which is at peace with however you are in any moment and holds no evaluation whatsoever, no labels, no expectations, and no blame. No one—no God—is expecting you to be perfect or to be any particular way. However you are is exactly the way you are meant to be—for now.

And, in truth, you can be no other way than the way you are right now, and then that will change. How you are is not really in your hands! The false self pretends that this is, that it can make you be a certain way, but the false self is not what determines anything. The you that thinks it can control how you are is made of mere imaginations.

And yet, you do evolve and learn and grow, and you do become wiser, but that is in spite of the false self. You are much more of a mystery than the thoughts you hold about yourself! You are an ever-changing and ever-unfolding mystery. And you aren’t doing any of it. But something is, and it is doing everything that has ever been done. Just relax in that knowing for a moment.

Acceptance underlies all of existence. Everything about you is accepted by that which is behind life, because you are not separate from life itself—and why would that not accept itself? What good would that do? What purpose would that serve? You are here to learn that same acceptance, as you play at being the false self.

Nonacceptance belongs to the realm of duality. You could say that acceptance belongs to duality as well, since acceptance and nonacceptance are two sides of the same coin. But since all we have to describe the Truth is language, which is inherently dualistic, we have to settle on some words, and one of the words that most closely describes the Truth is acceptance—with no opposite.

Another word for acceptance is love, of course. Acceptance is a quality of love. When you love, you naturally accept, and that is what God, if you will, or the force behind life is. It naturally loves creation, as it lives through creation. It enjoys it all, loves it all, embraces it all, without conditions. When you move beyond all identities, that is the territory you land in, and peace lies there, beyond duality.

Within duality, there is no peace. Therefore, any identity, which always has an opposite, cannot bring peace. When you are in the realm of duality, you are in the ego’s realm, and the ego’s realm is a place of always striving and never arriving. That could be a definition of Hell, don’t you think?

In Greek mythology, as punishment, Sisyphus was tasked with eternally rolling a huge boulder up a mountain, only to have it roll back down just as it got to the top. That is a good metaphor for the egoic state of consciousness: You are never done, you can never rest, you never get there. You are destined to struggle, small and powerless in the face of it all.

It is a good thing this mythological story doesn’t accurately reflect life, although life can feel like that to the ego—and it does. But that is not how life has to feel. Life is more like a game you choose to play for the fun of it, one you can never lose, only enjoy—endless enjoyment and interest instead of endless difficulty and failure. Yes, life is difficult, but your soul loves the challenge and has the resources to overcome those difficulties. In the end—at the end of your lifetimes on earth and often throughout life—you are victorious and your efforts are rewarded.

To love life, you have to learn to take the failures with the successes, the struggles with the victories, the hate with the love, the sour with the sweet. Duality has it all, and God is loving it all through you. Can you feel God’s love for it all? Can you? It is there amidst the complaints and disappointments and desires and dreams. How sweet that you have these as a human, and how much sweeter these are when you know yourself as divine.

Can you feel how lovingly and gently your divine self holds your human self? It so loves being human. Being human is such a brief experience in the scheme of things and all the more precious for that. Let yourself feel how deeply precious this human life is, how much your so-called failings are loved and compassionately held by the Divine within you and the Divine in everything. Love this life! Love it all. You are deeply cherished. Thank you for being here. We are with you always.

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