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Message for the Week

Below is the audio and text for this week's and last week's channeled message from Jesus that was part of the Christ Consciousness Transmission (CCT) online meetings. More info about the online transmissions is here. More channeled messages from Jesus are also available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here. To get notifications of new videos that we post, click the bell icon after you’ve subscribed.

The first message below is the most recent one:

The Golden Rule, from Awakening Love, Part 2 of Chapter 3

The Golden Rule, from Awakening Love, Part 2 of Chapter 3

Staying connected to your divine self in the presence of others is complicated by the fact that most people are identified with their egos, and that can easily draw out yours. When people encounter each other, the ego is usually the first on the scene.

This tendency to identify with your ego when you are around others is overcome by simply noticing this. Notice that your ego is right there with its criticisms, comparisons, evaluations, and judgments. That’s your ego doing that, not your divine intelligence, and it’s not doing this out of love, but sizing the other up to see how you measure up.

Just notice this, and then find that which is within you that is curious about this encounter: “What will happen next? What will this person say or do? What will I say or do?” The divine self is a curious witness to life. It doesn’t pretend to have answers to these questions but eagerly awaits what it will discover.

When the divine self has something to say, it jumps into conversations with wisdom, lightness, love, playfulness, gentleness, acceptance, and compassion. Your divine self and someone else’s can be recognized by those qualities. The divine self often brings a higher or more light-hearted perspective than the usual one, and what is spoken rings true and makes everyone relax and feel at ease.

The divine self is a channel for wisdom and love in the world, and if you align with it, you will be used as such a channel. This is very different than you being used by the ego, which spreads hate, fear, anger, judgment, prejudices, and other negativity. There, in the last two sentences, is that mysterious you again. You are either an instrument of the ego or of the divine self. And you can choose.

Before you are awakened, you are an instrument and expression of the ego more than the divine self, but not exclusively. After spiritual awakening, you become an instrument and expression of the divine self, and only occasionally express the ego in detrimental ways. That is the difference before and after spiritual awakening.

I hasten to add that it’s not your fault that you are used by the ego. It can be no other way. You are designed with the ego as your default, and until you are ready to awaken, you will go through the lessons and trials associated with this. So, please be compassionate with yourself and others. “Forgive them for they know not what they do” and forgive yourself. The challenge of having an ego creates the drama, difficulties, and experiences your soul needs and is willing to have in order to grow in certain ways. There is no mistake in this. This is part of everyone’s divine plan.

How to be in relationship is clear from the Golden Rule: Be with and treat others in a way that you would like them to be with you and treat you. However, as for how to help and give to others in specific circumstances, the Golden Rule isn’t as helpful. It isn’t always the case that doing something for someone that you would want done for you would be beneficial or what someone wants or in someone’s best interests.

For instance, giving someone something you would like isn’t necessarily what that person would like or need. Or giving your child cookies when she’s sad isn’t really in her best interest. Even giving someone help when asked might not be what that soul needs to grow. Indiscriminate giving can cause dependency and stunt someone’s growth.

Fortunately, you’ve been provided with a moment-to-moment guidance system that helps you determine what to do, what to give, and what to say in specific circumstances. The catch is that this guidance system can only be accessed in reality, in the moment, by being present to real life, not through the mind. Your divine self provides answers to how to live your life through intuitions, insights, urges, motivation, inspirations, excitement, and joy. This is how you are steered through life.

Your mind will also give you answers if you let it. But like consulting an 8-ball, the answers you get from your mind might be right for some moment but not necessarily for the current one. Furthermore, if you’re listening to your mind, you are likely to miss your divine self’s subtle communications, which are generally wordless and experienced energetically in the body, not in the mind.

The problem with the voice in your head’s advice is that it looks to conditioning for answers. Although conditioning is useful and even necessary, it isn’t the place to turn for answers for how to live your life. Conditioning offers some general rules and guidelines, and that’s about it: “Don’t cross the street before looking both ways,” “Drink plenty of water,” “Don’t lie on your taxes.” These guidelines are only so useful.

For how to live your life, something much wiser is needed, and it exists in the same place that love exists: in the present moment. The present moment is rich! This isn’t obvious from the egoic state of consciousness. It seems like there’s nothing of much interest in the relatively slow moment-to-moment unfolding of life—and there isn’t, to the ego.

The ego is like a child who’s been spoiled with too many toys, who now finds everything boring. The mind’s virtual reality is like a wonderland of toys, with anything you can imagine going on and all the drama and excitement of a rollercoaster ride. This is what TV and movies are like too. So much is going on in them that real life seems boring. So, people keep turning to their mind, TV, and movies for fun, excitement, and to feel good.

There’s nothing wrong with entertainment and fun, but that isn’t what life is about. Real life isn’t happening in your mind or on TV or in the movies. At a certain point, you have to engage in real life. You have to have a life. The more time you spend in virtual reality, whether in your own mind or in someone else’s, such as TV or the movies, the more dissatisfied you’ll be with real life and the less functional you’ll be. You have to do life to become good at it. Getting good at video games won’t teach you how to be in life, only life can.

People want to escape into virtual reality because participating in life is more challenging than observing it. In real life, you have to make choices and take actions, and sometimes you’re not happy. While you are watching TV or movies or involved in your fantasies, you get to put your problems and negative feelings on hold. For the time being, you don’t have to deal with them.

When you do this habitually, you are coping with your problems and feelings through escapism rather than cultivating other, healthier ways to feel better, such as meditating, walking in nature, listening to music, watching the breeze move through the trees, or just sitting quietly. These simple activities and any number of other real-life activities will drop you into a place where insights and your inner wisdom, inspiration, creativity, and inner guidance are accessible. This is also where you can gain perspective on your so-called problems and heal your feelings.

TV, movies, and your own fantasies do nothing to help you cope with your feelings and life, and they keep you from dropping into a state of love and peace. And when you’re engaged in such escapist activities, you probably aren’t learning real-life skills. That means that when you return to real life, you are worse off than when you left it. All you’ve accomplished is reinforcing the egoic state of consciousness, which is the problem to begin with.

This is the situation more and more young people find themselves in, not to mention adults. In spending so much time in virtual reality, young people aren’t learning how to cope with being in the world except by escaping it, and no one in the real world, in school or elsewhere, is teaching them an alternative.

And worse, by watching so much violence on TV, in movies, and in video games, young people are getting the message that violence is the way to cope with their problems and feelings, and no one is teaching them an alternative to that either.

Furthermore, their ego’s fantasies and desires are being stoked in a way that will only cause greater disappointment and disillusionment with real life and with their own imperfections. They will never be as beautiful, brilliant, athletic, talented, or charismatic as the heroes and heroines in films, but they will suffer over wanting to be.

Subtly and not so subtly, TV and the movies are affecting children in highly negative ways—and they affected those of you who are now adults in ways you may not realize. Children and teens are, and you were, deeply conditioned by what you see on TV and the movies, much more than you probably realize.

Your society’s values were and are being shaped by these stories, many of which are extremely brutal and dark. You think nothing of seeing violence, horror, murder, rape, and torture. On a daily basis, you are exposed to the worst possible experiences a human being can have.

It would be foolish to think that seeing this has no impact. Human beings are continually being conditioned by what they see and experience, and you are vicariously experiencing every manner of horror. The only way to cope with this is to become desensitized to violence and horror, and that is what’s happened. That’s the effect that viewing these things has had on you and is having on your children.

What has this to do with love? First of all, if you’re spending time in virtual reality, in your own mind’s or someone else’s, you’re not spending time in real relationships, which is where you learn to love. And if you are cut off from real life, you’re cut off from the love of your true nature and from a rich experience of life that will fulfill you.

Many shows are much like a nightmare, with egos suffering and causing suffering. These shows reinforce the ego’s viewpoint that life is scary, people are dangerous, and there’s a disaster or tragedy around every corner. Doom and gloom seem to be the nature of life. It’s easy to conclude that terrible things could and probably will happen to you, and that is neither true nor helpful. However, the more involved you are with the egoic mind, the more negative your reality is likely to become. Like attracts like.

These shows keep you tied to the egoic state of consciousness and reinforce the ego’s beliefs about life. It’s difficult to come away from most movies and TV programs without some fear and emotional trauma. Don’t kid yourself: Seeing tragedy, horror, violence, and human beings behaving badly and cruelly affects you. And children, who are just forming their ideas about themselves and the world, are especially affected by this.

The problem is that the more people who are entrenched in the egoic state of consciousness, the harder it is for everyone to break free from it, and the harder it is to be content with real life and to discover the love, goodness, and beauty within humanity and yourself.

This is why there is so much negativity on your shows: Those creating them are, themselves, immersed in the ego’s point of view, or they would be producing nature shows or something uplifting or educational. Then, like a virus, this state of consciousness is spread to others. The media is powerful. It’s a shaper of beliefs and consciousness, not only a reflector of consciousness.

What goes on in most movies and TV shows is definitely not the Golden Rule. What you are being shown, instead, is the ego on steroids—not just an ordinary ego but often a pathological one. Because bad behavior is so common on TV and in the movies, it seems like this is just the way life is. It’s what people do—they kill each other and rape and lie and cheat, right? Human beings are animals, right? In many shows, there is little acknowledgment of your divine nature, as if it doesn’t exist or exists only as a weak religious impulse.

Such a ready acceptance and dismissal of violence is the first step in creating a violent society. By exposing yourselves to the worst violence and abuses through virtual reality, the door is opened in humanity’s consciousness to living out these possibilities. You, yourself, may not be inclined in this direction, but there are many who are, and these shows contribute to their instability and criminal tendencies. These shows model pathological and criminal behavior, and the rest of you—your egos—are fascinated by such behavior.

Violence on TV, in the movies, and in video games is extremely unhealthy for society. It’s taking more of a toll on society and on your spiritual growth than you may realize. But this is the stage humanity is at, and many other civilizations on other worlds have had to go through this stage as well.

With free will and freedom come some very bad choices, which often aren’t learned from until a great deal of damage has been done. Your world will learn as others have, and in that sense, it will be okay. But since I’m writing about love, this insidious promoter and reinforcer of hate and violence must be named.

The divine self knows how to love, and if you give it half a chance, you will experience its love and guidance. But you have to give love a chance by turning off TV, movies, video games, and social media; tuning out the incessant chatter of the voice in your head; and tuning in to the subtle realm, where the Divine lives and breathes as you. Out of that realm flows love.

The Golden Rule, Part 1 of Chapter 3 of Awakening Love

The Golden Rule, Part 1 of Chapter 3 of Awakening Love

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is known as the Golden Rule. This is something I taught long ago and many others have taught over the ages. The Golden Rule is a way of measuring your behavior. You can ask, “Does doing this follow the Golden Rule?”

People need a measure for their behavior because the ego is very tricky. For instance, judging often feels smart, just, discriminating, and possibly helpful, when it isn’t. “Judge not lest you be judged” is not just a warning that whomever you judge will judge you back, but a guide for behavior in keeping with the Golden Rule. You don’t want to be judged, so don’t judge others. Judging is neither helpful nor loving.

The Golden Rule works because it’s easy to know what you would want “done unto you” or not “done unto you.” Every human being is pretty much the same as far as that goes. Some experiences are universally desirable, while others are not.

However, it’s a little more complicated than that. For instance, someone might give you a gift, thinking it would make you happy because it would make that person happy, when that wasn’t something you wanted. Or someone might do something to you that you felt was rude, but that person didn’t intend it that way. Minor differences between people make the Golden Rule somewhat imperfect, but it may be the best guideline you have.

The Golden Rule can be understood to mean two things: Do to others what you would like others to do to you, and don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. The Golden Rule suggests acting positively toward others: Be loving, forgiving, kind, generous, gentle, helpful, compassionate, respectful, patient, attentive, and so forth. And it suggests not acting negatively toward others: Don’t kill, hurt, lie, or steal, and don’t be unkind, judgmental, hateful, unforgiving, threatening, impatient, disrespectful, and so forth.

I have emphasized and do emphasize the first way of understanding the Golden Rule because behaving positively toward others cultivates love, and love will fulfill you and make the world a happier place. Refraining from negative acts will also improve the world, but it won’t do much for your soul’s evolution or in making this a happier or more enlightened world. People who restrain their egos do less damage in the world than those you don’t, but if restraining their egos is all they do, they’ll remain in the egoic state of consciousness, and so will humanity. They won’t be free.

I came to teach a better way to live than just restraining the ego. I came to bring you the truth that will set you free, and that truth is love. To move out of the egoic state of consciousness and into a state of divine grace and love requires more than not doing something—restraining the ego. It requires making some conscious choices to do certain things.

First, you have to choose to examine your thoughts. You need to recognize that whatever you are believing, whether it’s a judgment, a story, or a negative thought, is a lie. It’s the ego’s spin on life, and it doesn’t serve. Then, once you are aware that you’re caught up in such a thought, you have to choose to turn away from it, say no to it. This involves giving your attention to something else instead—not to another thought, but to something more real than thoughts: to love.

As intangible as love is, it is very real and always available whenever you turn your attention to it. However, you can’t get to love by thinking about it. In fact, thinking about love or about anything takes you away from love. This is because love doesn’t reside in the realm of your mind and imagination but in a very different realm, which I and others call the subtle realm.

The subtle realm is the realm of the spiritual Heart and where your divine self lives. I say “realm,” which sounds esoteric, but this realm is no different from your present moment experience. If you drop out of the mental realm and are no longer lost in thoughts, you land in the sensory realm, the world of the body and senses. The sensory world is the gateway to the subtle realm of energy and extrasensory experience. The subtle realm includes such things as intuitions, inspiration, energetic experiences, creative urges and other deep drives, and all the qualities of the divine self. This sensory and extrasensory experience is also known as real life!

The experience of real life is often overlooked because thoughts are experienced as “louder” than the experience of real life and felt to be more interesting. Just as TV and movies are more interesting and compelling to the mind than real life, thoughts are more interesting and compelling to your mind than your real-life sensory and extrasensory experience.

People leave real life and go into thought because the default is to listen to the voice in your head. This means that most people live in a virtual reality most of the time rather than reality. The problem with this is that love, peace, wisdom, and every other quality of your divine self are not accessed through thought but only through real life. These gifts from your divine self exist only in the subtle realm.

The mental realm is made up of thoughts. It’s an alternate reality, one largely designed by and reflective of the ego and other conditioning. And yet, because the mental world is your default, this world seems real to you. The ego’s desires, stories, fears, and beliefs all feel very real and true, while there is nothing real and true about the ego’s world.

Love is found in reality, and reality is an experience, not a thought or imagination. Love is an experience, and if love is an experience you want (the ego doesn’t), then you must go to love, for love won’t come seeking you if you choose to reside in the mental realm. You have to choose to experience love. Many spend their lives longing for and dreaming about love, while ironically, those very thoughts prevent them from experiencing love.

How do you choose love? Simply turn your attention away from thoughts to the realm in which love resides. This is a matter of experiencing whatever your body is experiencing on a sensory, energetic, and intuitive level. Notice what you are experiencing and then look for the experience of love. It’s there, within you, as a subtle energetic experience. Love might feel like joy or an expansion in your heart or a warm, relaxing feeling. You know what love feels like.

Right now, can you find love, however slight that experience might be? When you do, focus on that subtle experience in your body, and it will become more prominent. Whatever you give your attention to is magnified. Then, stay in touch with love by keeping your attention on that subtle experience. This is a particularly good practice to do when you are with others, when the tendency to go into judgment and other thoughts is so tempting.

This practice isn’t hard to do, but you have to choose to do it. This practice can become automatic and very natural, but it usually needs to be done consistently for a while before that happens. The biggest challenge is not getting hijacked by the voice in your head. If that happens, just return to sensing the subtle experience of love within you.

Overcoming the default is accomplished by doing the opposite of the default. The default compels you to think about yourself and your life, judge, evaluate, compare, worry, desire, and go into the past and future. What’s the opposite of that? Not having such thoughts isn’t an option, since you’re not in control of what thoughts arise and when. What you are in control of is whether you stay involved with those thoughts. Since the default is giving your attention to thoughts, the opposite of that is giving your attention to anything but your thoughts. Doing that will help undo or neutralize the default. The “anything but” is real life.

Imagine all the times you’ve gotten lost in thoughts. A lot, right? So, it’s understandable that it would take a lot of practice to neutralize the default. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to freedom, love, and your inner wisdom than the practice of turning your attention away from thoughts to the present moment.

Let’s talk about inner wisdom. Moment to moment, you are being guided by higher spiritual forces. Although I, Jesus, don’t act as a personal guide for people as much as a world teacher and healer, many, many other higher dimensional beings are charged with providing individual guidance. Where they are guiding people is toward love. Essentially, the journey you are on is a return to love, a return to your inherent divinity.

These higher dimensional beings guide people primarily through their intuition, which some refer to as the Holy Spirit. Everyone is aware of the nudges, urges, inspiration, excitement, joy, and “ah-has” that are used to guide you each day, even if not everyone heeds them. This means of guidance is no secret. Science may not be able to measure it, and schools may not teach it, but everyone is aware that something is going on that could be construed as guidance. And so, it is. This is the truth. The deepest mysteries of life cannot be quantified or adequately described in words, which is why the truth is often overlooked or dismissed.

You are being lovingly guided, and this guidance is trustworthy. What isn’t trustworthy is the advice the voice in your head offers. It’s a little like those 8-balls some of you had as children, where you shake them and an answer pops up. The voice in your head isn’t much more trustworthy than that.

The voice in your head is essentially programming, and what does programming know about living life, especially about living it in a way that fulfills you and your soul’s plan? What does programming know about love? The voice in your head doesn’t even know how to make you happy.

To return to the Golden Rule, it is best applied to how you are with others: Be with and treat others in the way that you would like others to be with and treat you. The Golden Rule is less useful as a guideline for how to help others and give to them, which I’ll say more about in a bit.

You know how you would like others to be with you and treat you. You would like them to be kind, patient, attentive, accepting, compassionate, forgiving, and respectful, and you don’t want them to be the opposite. That’s a pretty good and simple formula for how to be in relationship with others. These are all attributes of love, aren’t they? If someone is kind, patient, attentive, accepting, compassionate, forgiving, and respectful, they are behaving lovingly toward you, and you will probably feel loved by them and feel love for them.

Knowing that this is the formula for love, is it so difficult to be this way in relationship? It’s difficult for the ego but natural for the divine self. What stands in the way is that your programming causes you to focus on getting something from others when you’re with them, not on fostering love. You may think that love is what you care about, but love isn’t what your ego cares about, and it’s useful to observe that in your interactions with others.

When you are with others, how interested are you in getting attention and speaking about yourself versus being attentive and interested in others? Love listens. Love is open, attentive, interested, and curious about others. Love shares information that might be helpful, but not for self-glorification or any other selfish reason.

When you are with others, two very different ways of being with them are possible, depending on what you are giving your attention to within yourself: your thoughts about yourself or your present moment experience. As I said, people are dual creatures: They are both egoically motivated and divinely motivated. Both kinds of motivations or drives exist simultaneously within you in any moment, but because the ego is the default, the ego’s motives usually predominate or are at least felt first.

It’s good to realize that there’s more to you than your ego, and more to others than theirs. In every interaction, something else is present besides the ego, and that is the divine self. Once you are more aware of this duality within you, you have more choice about how you are with others. Will you behave as your ego, your false self, or will you behave as your divine self?

Chapter 2 Part 2 of Awakening Love

Chapter 2 Part 2 of Awakening Love

To forgive those who have harmed you and to heal, two things are necessary: Letting go of your thoughts about them and understanding that everyone who has ever harmed anyone was identified with the ego and its fear and ignorance. When I said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” I was referring to those who aren’t aware of how their ego manipulates them through the voice in their head. They hurt others and themselves because they don’t realize they have a choice around their thoughts and behavior. Instead, they take the path of least resistance.

Because your egoic programming is your default, the ego’s way of behaving is automatic and feels natural, but it doesn’t represent your best self or the best course of action. Most people are sleepwalking through life, not really consciously making decisions but acting on the impulse of their ego, which leads to very poor results.

Those who are operating so unconsciously suffer greatly and cause others to suffer along with them. If you become a victim of their suffering and bad behavior, forgiving them is the only way to unhook yourself from what they are creating. Otherwise, you end up like them, a victim of your own ego. The reason for forgiving others is to free yourself from the state of consciousness that caused the suffering in the first place.

Practically speaking, forgiveness is a matter of letting go of any thoughts about the past so that you can be in the here and now, free of suffering, and carry on in love. Forgiveness is not a one-time statement you make to someone, although that can be helpful, but a commitment to not indulging in the painful thoughts that perpetuate negative emotions (i.e. the egoic state) within you. To forgive, you must “forget” those thoughts—leave them be when they arise. Don’t get involved with them. Living in the now, as your divine self does, means letting go of such thoughts and staying with your present moment experience.

The divine self (and you, when you are aligned with your divine self) feels only compassion for those who suffer at the hands of their own egos and who cause others to suffer. The divine self understands that, at this point in their evolution, it can be no other way. They’re doing the best they can, and they will learn from their choices. What good would it do to take any other stance?

You can only hope that others will forgive you your errors and missteps as well: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s hard to be a human being, as I have so often said, and the situation deserves your compassion. Choosing to be compassionate toward those who have hurt or are hurting you and then returning to your present moment experience will allow you to feel the peace and love of your divine nature.

Eventually, people do learn from the suffering they cause themselves and others, but that can take a long time. How much better it would be if they understood how they’re being manipulated by their own egos and how damaging this is to their relationships. With this understanding, people could evolve much more quickly than through trial and error. There’s no need to suffer so much now, since this understanding is available. It’s time to become free of the ego.

In relationships, the ego shows up as soon as differences or disagreements do, which is what makes loving your neighbor so challenging. The ego has little tolerance for differences unless they benefit it. To the ego, differences or disagreements are a reason for attacking, judging, diminishing, scapegoating, or making fun of others. The ego truly believes that if someone is different from it, he or she is bad or wrong.

This assumption of superiority is at the core of most problems in relationships. And when that’s the case, the other person often feels the same sense of superiority. Then, the disagreement becomes about who is right and superior, not about the actual differences that need to be addressed or negotiated.

This superiority tends to get voiced as a judgment. Someone looks different or believes differently or does things differently than you would like, and you assume something bad about him or her. You tell a negative story about that person, one that is made up by the ego, which is essentially what a judgment is. Judgment is a weapon that is wielded to try to settle differences by claiming the moral high ground.

The way this high ground is claimed is through storytelling. I’m not talking about nice bedtime storytelling, but unkind and untrue storytelling. These stories are often disguised as insight, but they are lies because they’re based on assumptions. Although there may be some evidence to back up these assumptions, the evidence is often very thin, based on a few experiences, and cherry-picked to build a case against someone. This phenomenon is very familiar to everyone.

Look at your judgments. Study them. This is how they work. They are largely assumptions that serve your ego in some way, usually by making you seem smart, insightful, right, or superior in some other way. There is no love in your judgments, even when you pretend to be judging someone out of concern or a supposed desire to help that person.

The ego is very tricky. Do not be deceived. Nearly every thought you have about others is a judgment or likely to turn into one if you think about someone long enough. This is also true in speaking about others when they aren’t present, otherwise known as gossiping. Your thoughts and conversations about others may seem purposeful and well-intentioned, but more often than not, they are in service to the ego.

The ego knows how to hook you into doing its bidding—into judging—and one way it does this is by getting you to think about others and talk about others. The ego’s goal is to sabotage your relationships, except occasionally when the goal is to wheedle its way in with someone who can be of benefit to it.

The ego is the worst type of narcissist. It does what it does because it expects some kind of benefit for it. It doesn’t do things for love, since love is not one of the things the ego is most after. The ego will take love if love is offered, but love is not the ego’s goal as much as other things.

The good news is that most human beings are not this taken over by their egos; they are not narcissists. Their divine self shines through some, if not much, of the time. Hooray for love! It is actually a powerful force in relationships, more powerful than the ego, or there would be no relationships whatsoever. But it’s good to know what you’re up against.

Some will chastise me for talking this way about the ego and say I should be kinder toward it. I’m not suggesting that you go to battle with the ego, for that would be the ego going to battle with itself. I’m suggesting that you be aware of the ego and what it’s up to so that you aren’t fooled by it and can make better choices about how to behave. Knowledge is power, and I seek to empower you. The ego is not that powerful. It is only ignorance of the ego that gives it power.

By all means, accept that you have an ego and that the ego is the way it is. However, you don’t need to have compassion for the ego, because it isn’t an entity; it’s programming. What good is it to have compassion for programming? Have compassion for yourself and others for having an ego, but not for the ego itself. You don’t have to love the ego, it doesn’t need healing, and it won’t be healed by your love and acceptance.

The benefit of accepting the ego is that acceptance aligns you with your divine self. Acceptance heals you, while going to battle with the ego will do nothing but keep you involved with it.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” means move beyond any differences between you and your neighbor and love him or her as you would love someone who was just like you, someone with whom you have no differences—which would be no one, since you are the only one in the world that you have no differences with!

Everyone else in the world throughout time has been different from you. This is why peace in relationships and in the world is so very difficult. The only solution is to accept and appreciate these differences rather than make them a reason to put someone out of your heart.

If you take the ego’s stance, that those who are different from you are bad, a threat, or inferior, you’ll be at war with everyone, and some people seem to be for that very reason. Those who are very ego-involved have great difficulty loving, and that’s why. To the ego, differences are cause for judgment, and judgments close the heart to love. As a result, the ego’s world is very lonely. The more involved you are in the ego’s perceptions and beliefs, the less love you experience within yourself and coming to you from others.

You can only go so far in this direction before something has to give. The suffering of the egoic state of consciousness can be so great that some take their own lives, but that is no solution. The lesson of love still needs to be learned, and that soul will reincarnate and try again to make better choices.

There is no punishment awaiting someone who chooses suicide, although suicide is a lost opportunity for the soul and, therefore, discouraged. That person will receive healing, compassion, and instruction from guides on the other side. Usually, for those who have lost their way, what is needed for them to heal is love. So, in the next lifetime, that person may be placed in a particularly loving family or encounter people or experiences that make the truth about love evident.

Punishment is never part of one’s lesson plan. Punishment is something humans engage in, in an attempt to reform someone. But the nonphysical beings who serve God by facilitating human evolution do not engage in punishment. It is a poor means of reform. It is cruel, and God is not cruel. God is synonymous with love.

To return to the subject of differences, the truth is that differences make life interesting, they are grist for your spiritual evolution, and they provide the soul with a variety of experiences. Not only that, but a society needs diversity to survive and thrive. A society needs all kinds of people with an array of interests and talents. Differences are good!

Differences seem problematic because they are problematic to the ego, but they don’t have to be if you’re able to view them from the divine self’s perspective. Differences make the world go around. They’re part of life. They make people unique. At best, differences are adorable, and at worst, they must be accepted.

From a higher perspective, all differences are superficial and not worth losing love over. Such differences are part of the costume each soul is wearing. What is the same about everyone is of much greater significance: the God force within each of you. That God force, the divine self, is what is lovable about everyone.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” means love your neighbor’s true self. What is lovable about yourself and lovable about your neighbor is one and the same because your essence is one and the same. The great mystery at the core of life is that everything and everyone is an expression of the One, of God. God is manifesting through all life. The same God force is in everything, and that God force is supremely loveable. See yourself—your true self—in your neighbor and love that. Recognize that your neighbor is essentially the same as you.

When two people are truly in love, that God force, or essential goodness, is exactly what they are in love with. They may love specific things about each other, but the deep and lasting love they feel for each other, which binds them together through any difficulties and differences, is based on the experience of the other as one’s own self. When you are with someone for a long time, the boundaries fade, and he or she begins to feel like your very own self, like a part of you. Those who lose someone they have been with a very long time know what this feels like.

That is love. Then, treating the other with respect and as you would like to be treated comes naturally, although the ego can still rise up at any time. When you experience another as yourself, being with that person is as comfortable as being with yourself, because you can relax. Why is that so? Because the other person accepts you and allows you to be as you are. That acceptance is the essence of love. This brings us to our next chapter and our next exploration: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

A Message About Conspiracy Theories

 A Message About Conspiracy Theories

Greetings! This is the one you’ve known as Jesus the Christ. I would like to speak to you today about a topic that is troubling many of you. It troubles this channel as well, and it is something she is reluctant to address, but I have asked her to. I say this to dispel any idea that she has any personal agenda around this. I assure you the agenda is mine because I see a need to speak more directly about this to those in the spiritual community, since certain conspiracy theories are becoming popular among you.

In an earlier message about the coronavirus, I said that the virus does not have a nefarious cause, but a natural one. The coronavirus and any other event you experience is either designed or allowed by spiritual forces because it serves in some way, usually by serving humanity’s evolution and understanding. And every event, including this one, has both positive and negative consequences. Nothing is ever all good or all bad. It is only the ego that sees things this way.

Some of you have chosen to believe that the coronavirus is serving the nefarious agenda of a group of people, whom you view as evil, power-hungry, greedy, or otherwise not like you. While it is obvious that your world and the people in it are being harmed and deeply affected in negative ways by such people, who care more about their own material well-being than the well-being of the environment or of humankind, it is not true that all governments, large corporations, or rich people are conspiring to take your freedoms and harm you.

Let me tell you a little about those in the world who are greedy and ego-driven and the nonphysical forces who work through them to bring about the harm that they do. Yes, there is evil in the world, and there are negative nonphysical forces who would like to see humanity imprisoned literally and figuratively. These negative forces are called “service to self” by some, so I will also use this term. They believe that life is about serving themselves and that those who are aligned with love and serving others are deceived and weak. They believe that freedom lies in enslaving and dominating others if they are able to.

These nonphysical forces are able to mentally influence human beings who resonate not only with greed and hatred, but also with fear, victimhood, despair, and depression. These nonphysical forces can manipulate people by putting thoughts in their minds. However, that is the only power they have. For nonphysical beings to have power in the world, people have to act on these thoughts. Much of the evil humanity experiences, including suicides and murders, stems from people following thoughts planted by these nonphysical forces.

The problem with the path of service to self is that it can only be taken so far and there is no joy in it. Those who are devoted to this path suffer greatly, and their only solace is to make others suffer more. Those who are on this path will not succeed because it is anti-life and anti-love, and love and the Truth are more powerful than hatred and fear. Service-to-self individuals, both nonphysical and incarnate, are not as powerful as they would like you to believe. They lack the ability to cooperate, so what they are able to achieve is limited by that. They are like a bunch of bank robbers who eventually turn on each other, for they have no other loyalty than to their own self-interest. Love is powerful and can accomplish great things because love puts higher values before self-interest. Everything of value within society has been created by the ethos of love.

To return to this topic, conspiracy theories can be recognized by their tendency to assume that a group of people is conspiring behind the scenes, working in concert for some nefarious global end. I can assure you that those who have nefarious motives are not good at all at conspiring or keeping their activities secret. Furthermore, there are many more people who are willing and able to expose what any conspirators might be doing than conspiracy theorists recognize. People are generally good, although they are at times selfish and self-serving. And much of what conspiracy theorists might attribute to evil motives comes from simple mistakes or ignorance.

Those who are what you consider evil are few and far between. They are mentally deranged, although functional and sometimes able to reach high levels of power. They are the malignant narcissists described by psychiatry, people such as Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and other brutal dictators. And there are your usual criminals, which are generally not that clever or successful. The rest of humanity is subject to the usual kind of ego—selfish but able to keep their ego in check and largely heeding the rules and laws set down by society. These individuals—ordinary individuals—are also capable of great, heroic, and unselfish acts when that is called for.

Then there are those, who are in the minority, who are not ruled by their egos but who are awakened and can clearly see the damage that the ego does within the human condition. These people are rarely in positions of power and are not seen by those in power as having anything to offer society. Those on the spiritual path, however, do look to such individuals for guidance. Many of you, however, are looking to other egos for understanding about how to see the world, and you are falling prey to their view and to a more nefarious view, one that is not true.

Negative forces, both physical and nonphysical, have one formidable weapon at their disposal, and that is fear. It is easy to stir up fear in human beings, especially in a crisis like the one you are experiencing. It is especially easy to stir up fear with lies. When you can tell an overwhelmingly negative story through embellishment and lies, you can stir up a lot of fear.

This is what your own ego does all the time: It tells part of the truth—the negative, scary part—and leaves out what is good, bounteous, and supportive about life. It paints people as all bad or all good, when the truth is more complex than that. The ego blames others and groups of people for its problems when that is neither the truth nor the solution to one’s problems. This is a dangerous time because lies are running rampant throughout your society—and consequently fear.

Conspiracy theories empower evil in a number of ways: They portray the element of evil, both physical and nonphysical actors, as more powerful than evil actually is. Love and goodness is far more powerful. Conspiracy theories tell an untrue story, one much more negative than the truth, which frightens you and makes you feel victimized and powerless. This puts you in a lower state of consciousness, and voila! That was their goal all along. From that state of consciousness, who knows what you will do? You are under their spell.

My teachings and other spiritual teachings are for the purpose of raising consciousness. That may seem unimportant to some of you in light of what you see as terrible things unfolding in your world. “What can higher consciousness do, after all, in the face of such evil?” you may ask. That question belies a certain helplessness and belief in evil that is part of the problem.

The answer to this question is that only if you are in a higher state of consciousness can you discern the truth and know what action to take in the world against the negative forces that do exist, or other types of actions that would make this a better world. The world will only be changed for the better through love. This is not some airy-fairy philosophy but the remedy for your problems.

As long as enough people maintain a higher state of consciousness, which includes things like rationality and compassion (the result of a developed prefrontal cortex), you will find your way through any difficulties. When you operate from a higher state of consciousness, you will see clearly and find the solutions you need to your problems. You will be able to receive guidance and solutions to your problems from higher nonphysical forces, such as ourselves, who are working with and guiding humanity.

On the other hand, if you remain in the egoic state of consciousness most of the time, and especially if you are gripped by fear and a sense of victimhood, you won’t have access to spiritual guidance or your inner wisdom or discernment. You’ll be confused, demoralized, exhausted, and dysfunctional. This is exactly what those who are promulgating conspiracy theories want. When I say “those who are promulgating” these theories, I mostly mean negative nonphysical forces. Make no mistake, those who are deeply identified with their egos as well as those who are suffering are vulnerable to manipulation by negative nonphysical forces.

These forces can only do so much in the world. They need hosts to work through, and they find people who are full of greed and hate and also people who have fallen prey to fear, anger, resentment, and unhappiness, and they plant ideas into their minds. They also speak through certain channels, who have been corrupted and probably don’t realize they are channeling negative entities. If a channel falls prey to negativity, he or she is vulnerable to being used by negative forces, even if previously that person has channeled higher beings. Negative nonphysical forces are behind conspiracy theories, and they use human beings and channels to spread these ideas, these lies.

Negative nonphysical forces are very clever, as they know exactly how much truth to mix in with the lies to make what they are telling people believable. Conspiracy theories are obviously convincing, or so many wouldn’t believe them. However, certain people are more easily convinced of, or vulnerable to, such lies. Those who feel like misfits or feel victimized, powerless, unhappy, resentful, and angry are most susceptible to these theories, and then there are those who are simply naïve, gullible, or undiscerning.

I especially want to make the point that even if such conspiracy theories were true, it wouldn’t serve you to focus on them and put your energy into exploring them. How does spending your time this way change anything? How might you better use your energy to improve the world? How do these beliefs leave you feeling? This should be a clue as to what truth and value they have for you. As I have so often said, the Truth is what causes you to relax and feel at peace. Then, from this place of alignment with your divine self, you will be guided to play your part in making this a better world.

The truth is that whatever happens in your world, you will learn and grow from it, if you don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of feeling victimized by whatever you are experiencing. This is a hole that is difficult to crawl out of. Nothing is happening in this world that you can’t deal with effectively when you are in touch with your own inner courage, love, acceptance, compassion, and wisdom.

However, if you have lost touch with these qualities of your divine nature and lost your way, life will be difficult indeed, and you will want to blame others and tell a story that makes you feel justified in your anger, victimhood, and suffering. No one can victimize you if you don’t let them. The irony is that some of you are allowing conspiracy theories to victimize you. They leave you feeling powerless and out of control, and that is not a functional place in which you can do what you need to do to correct the problems within government and so on that you need to correct.

How are you spending your time? What are you really doing to change things for the better in your world? Do you even know what needs to be done? Do you have the facts, or are you believing inaccurate information? Your problems won’t be solved by believing lies.

Discernment is one of your lessons now, but as I said, that will be inaccessible to you when you are in a state of alarm (i.e. fight or flight). This is the state that conspiracy theories are designed to put you in. This is a low state of consciousness, a dysfunctional one, which is where the negative nonphysical forces want you to be.

Love is the answer because love is the expression or result of a higher state of consciousness. See the whole truth about this world, not just the ugliness and evil, or you become just like those you fear. Thank you for being open to this message. I am with you always.

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