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Message for the Week

Below is the audio and text for this week's and last week's channeled message from Jesus that was part of the Christ Consciousness Transmission (CCT) online meetings, which take place Saturdays at 5 pm Pacific time and Sundays at 11 am Pacific time each week. More info about the online transmissions is here. More channeled messages from Jesus are also available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here. To get notifications of new videos that we post, click the bell icon after you’ve subscribed.

The first message below is the most recent message:

Surfing the Waves

Surfing the Waves from Jesus Speaking: On Embodying Christ Consciousness

There’s a wonderful metaphor for what I want to talk about today. It’s surfing. You might be surprised to hear me talk about surfing! But, as I said, it’s a metaphor, a particularly good one for one’s relationship to the egoic mind, the voice in your head. The mind, or intellect, is not the problem, but the aspect of mind that comments about life and tells you what to do, how to behave, what to think, and who you are. The voice in your head is quite the know-it-all!

The difference between most of humanity and those who are awakened or enlightened is their relationship to the voice in their head. Most of humanity is not aware that they are identified with the voice in their head. They believe it, trust it, and think that those thoughts are true and helpful, while this is the opposite of the truth.

Most of humanity is walking around believing they are whatever the voice in their head tells them they are and that life and other people are also whatever that voice tells them—without questioning these assumptions. No wonder there is so much pain and hurt in this world! It’s like being ruled by a malevolent dictator that most everyone agrees with and never questions. People are being dictated to by malevolent programming, and they don’t even realize this is going on.

When you see this, it’s shocking, and you wonder why you didn’t see this before. But that’s how it is with clever dictators. They make you believe you need them and that they are telling the truth, when they aren’t. They tell you that you can trust them and that they are out to protect you and take care of you when they aren’t capable of doing this. Your programming is like this: It lies to you constantly, but it is so believable and convincing that you don’t question it. It never crosses most people’s minds to question the voice in their head—until, one day, it does.

When you begin to awaken, you realize that the voice in your head is not what you thought it was, that it isn’t your voice but something apart from you. With this greater objectivity, it becomes obvious that this voice is not a reliable or positive force in your life. Eventually, you no longer let this voice define you or dictate your actions and speech. But this much detachment from the voice in your head takes time to develop.

This realization about the voice in your head is a momentous turning point in your evolution as a human being, and this is rightly called an awakening. It’s like waking up from a dream and suddenly seeing that what you thought was real and true was an illusion. So it is with this waking life: You wake up to see that what you thought was true is not, and you begin to question the voice in your head, its assumptions and its value.

This realization, however, is only the beginning of awakening, because you are not fully awake until you have realized on a deeper level what you have come to understand intellectually, and this deepening takes time. Now, you have to discover what is actually going on, what is the truth, and how to move in life from now on. The answers to these questions are not found in books. You must discover them for yourself by bringing curiosity to this human life and looking deeply into the Truth.

For this, spiritual teachers and books are of great help. And yet, as I said, you still must discover the answers yourself through your own inquiry and inner explorations and experiences. The answers to these deep questions are given to you over time through various spiritual experiences and realizations—through Grace.

Let your curiosity lead you in this journey. Follow the sense of interest you have in uncovering this great mystery of who you are. Let it take you wherever it takes you. Once you have had a taste of the Truth, you are driven to find out more, which is how this is meant to work. You will be guided inwardly to discover what you need to discover, but there is no manual for you to follow, and no one knows the way for you except you.

Everyone’s journey is uniquely led by the inner teacher, which is highly trustworthy. Learning to trust that inner teacher—your intuition—is part of the journey. Life becomes your teacher, as you bow to its lessons, its wisdom, and its timing. Life—the divine self—is supremely wise and in control of the unfolding of your plan, and all you need to do is be open to discovering what Life is showing you. The secrets of life will be revealed to you one by one in a way you can trust. This learning may be catalyzed by a teacher or a book, but in the end, you must surrender to the awakening process unfolding within you.

What the teachers and books point to and what you must learn to do yourself is develop a different relationship to your egoic mind, the voice in your head. It isn’t enough to be aware of this voice or even to see that it isn’t trustworthy if you don’t also learn to trust something else, to live another way.

You must become different in your life by having a different relationship to your mind. You must learn to surf the waves of the voice in your head, stay on the surface with your wits about you and not get dragged under by the waves of thought and feelings. Most people are caught in the water, seeing nothing but water, drowning in the water.

Seeing the truth about the water allows you to rise above it and surf the waves. Like surfing, this is an exhilarating and freeing experience. Life is fun when you aren’t pulled under by the turbulence and drama of the egoic mind. When you can rise above the negative thoughts and emotions and see them for what they are but not be touched by them, you can be truly happy in life. Life is to be enjoyed! You were born to surf!

The ups and downs of the waves are part of the fun of surfing and not a problem, since you are no longer drowning in your thoughts and feelings. You belong, not only to the ocean, but to the sky, the sun, and all of the great beauty beyond the waves. Because you know the eternal light of your soul, the waves are not a problem but part of the beautiful experience you are having as a human being. When you know yourself as spirit, you wear your human costume lightly: Your humanity is accepted and can be enjoyed.

The question is always: “How? How do I surf instead of struggle in the water?” The answer is: Find the “I” that is not struggling. There are two of you: the false self and the true self. The one that is struggling is the false self, which is really good news, because the false self isn’t who you really are. The one who is surfing is who you really are. That one is always surfing. So, all you have to do is find your way to your true self.

The first step in learning to surf is to see that you are not the false self. Every time you say “I,” you are giving birth to the false self. You know the false self by your “I” statements. Whatever you say after “I” is your false self’s truth, not your true self’s. This is how the false self is created, simply with such statements.

Then, you have to see how false these “I” statements are. They are false because they are incomplete. Nothing you say after “I” is complete enough to capture the truth about you, about who you really are. That’s why this is called the false self. Your “I” statements create a false, incomplete sense of yourself, a pretend self.

See the incompleteness. That’s all you have to do. For instance, if you say, “I’m not very good at that,” see that even if that seems true when you say it, it isn’t true throughout time and, therefore, not true. Moreover, it isn’t true because it is an opinion. By whose estimation? This is an arbitrary appraisal, a relativistic statement, based on nothing. It is a negative story about yourself—about the false self. And such incomplete and untrue stories are what the false self is made of.

Perhaps the most important thing to see about this story or any other one is that it is not only a lie, but totally useless. What good is it? It is only good at defining the false self, and you don’t need a false self! That’s why we call it false. It’s a fake. You don’t need it because you have the real thing.

Yes, the real thing can live your life, and it already is what is living your life. The fake self pretends it is living your life, and the true self allows you to be under this illusion. But it is still an illusion. Meanwhile, the true self breathes, moves, loves, creates, learns, reasons, laughs, plays, has fun, is curious, is joyful, is wise.... You get the picture. Everything you do is either the true self doing it or the true self allowing you to pretend you are the false self. The true self is having fun even with that!

The second step in learning to surf is to notice that your true self is right here. Every time you have a loving feeling, a creative urge, a sense of excitement or curiosity, a feeling of joy or contentment, an urge to pursue something that interests you, or an impulse to do good or help someone, this is your true self living your life. Notice how your true self is here, right now, reading this, taking this in, learning, growing, and responding to what life brings.

You are alive, and this life force is who you really are. Without this lively consciousness that animates your body and propels your human life, you would not be you. So, notice that your true self is right here. Notice this as much as you can, and you will begin to experience yourself as this more and more. You will awaken more fully out of the illusion of the false self into the Truth.

Thank you for waking up to the Truth. Thank you for being here. I am with you always.

The Spiritual Heart

The Spiritual Heart from Jesus Speaking: On Awakening to Love

The Truth is sometimes called the Mystery because the mind cannot grasp it or take you to it. Anything that the mind cannot grasp is a mystery—to the mind, that is. But there is something else here experiencing the Mystery for whom the Mystery is not a mystery at all but the most ordinary and simple state of being. You can experience that right now if you are very still. That is all that is required really—a still body and mind.

The Mystery is so ordinary that it is overlooked and underrated by the mind, which isn’t interested in the ordinary, the simple, or the inexplicable. The mind was built for complexity, for labeling, pulling apart, examining, and evaluating the things of life. It was not built to understand what is behind all life. The mind is the wrong instrument for understanding life or even knowing how to be in life. The mind was designed to handle the objects of consciousness, not consciousness itself. Consciousness uses the mind, but the mind cannot understand or know Consciousness.

There is something else here that can know Consciousness. And that is, of course, Consciousness itself. Only Consciousness can know itself. Just as any tool, such as a hammer, cannot know itself, the mind cannot know itself. The mind is just a tool. Only the one using the tool can have knowledge of the tool, can know its true nature and know how to use it.

What if your tools believed that they knew what you should build better than you? That’s the situation you find yourself in. The aspect of your mind that is the voice in your head believes it knows best how to “build” your life. It has taken on a life of its own. The voice in your head is like the broom in the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” which Mickey Mouse magically causes to come to life and do his bidding, but the broom keeps carrying water until the place floods. There is no wisdom inherent in the broom (or in Mickey Mouse!), and there is no wisdom inherent in the mind. Like all tools, the mind needs someone using the tool who is wise, someone who knows how to use it—or the mind can make a mess of things.

What a strange situation you find yourselves in, with a mind that tries to run your life, when it lacks the wisdom to do so! What’s worse is that most people don’t even know that their mind isn’t wise enough to do this. The mind is such a good pretender: It pretends to have the answers. It sounds so certain. It sounds wise, even though it isn’t. And if that doesn’t work, it tries to get you to do its bidding through fear.

Such a clever fellow! Surely, there must be some intelligence and wisdom there. This is one reason the illusion is so convincing. It does seem like there is intelligence and wisdom behind the voice in your head. And even if there isn’t, it seems like the mind’s advice is the only advice available—that and advice from other people’s minds. What else is there? Where else is there to turn?

What else is available isn’t obvious to the mind, and if it isn’t obvious, it might as well not exist. The mind overlooks the subtle realm in which the Mystery and the wisdom of the Mystery reside. The mind’s world is the world of the physical senses, and outside of that, to the mind, nothing exists.

But that nothingness is the realm of the Mystery. It is where life springs from, where love and wisdom spring from. But what is love or wisdom to the mind? It cannot comprehend these, and so it doesn’t value these. These are not what interest or propel the mind in life. The mind was built for survival, not love, not wisdom, although the mind is limited in its ability to support survival by its very lack of wisdom and love.

So, what we have is a mind that is built only for the most primitive fight or flight type of survival—survival of the fittest. The mind is an outdated computer. It needs to be reprogrammed with love and wisdom for your species to survive. But this is not how it works. The love and wisdom that are needed will never be built into the mind. They are built into life instead, and the only problem is that the mind interferes with accessing the love and wisdom that are already there by focusing on other things that it values more, things it views as necessary for survival, such as being superior to others and having more.

What is needed is not a reprogramming of the mind, but a demotion of the mind to that of servant to what is greater than the mind—the Mystery: Life itself. What has given the mind life is what has the wisdom to guide life. As I said, how can a tool know how it should be used and for what purpose? Only that which made the tool and uses it can know that.

There is something great and deeply mysterious running your life and every other living thing—and it is the same force doing it all. It is one force creating life, driving life, and expressing itself in all life. What a miracle this is, so much so that your own mind cannot grasp what’s going on beyond an intellectual understanding of it.

Fortunately, you have been given something that can grasp this, at least to a limited extent while you are in a human body: the Heart. The Heart is a link to your Source, to God, if you will—to the Oneness. It allows you to experience that there is something else here, behind life—something mysterious—guiding it and nurturing it, something unbelievably wise and loving.

The Heart belongs to the subtle realm, beyond the mind’s reach or ability to know. And yet, you all know what I’m talking about, because you couldn’t help but know, on some level, the truth about life. The truth about what to do, what to say, and how to move is being given to you in every moment. You may think you haven’t been given an instruction manual for how to live, but you have!

However, it’s like this manual has been written in another language, one your mind can’t understand, one you have to tune in to, to understand. You have to use a different sense, a different ability (but one you have) to decipher the code of the Heart. You have to learn a new language, and you have to set aside the old one to some extent—not rely on it for advice about how to live your life. The mind never did know, and if you examine its past advice, it becomes clear that its advice was not so great. Listening to the voice in your head brings you lots of lessons, but it doesn’t bring you wisdom or happiness.

The Heart speaks silently—wordlessly—to you moment to moment. But like your car’s GPS, if you are already moving in the direction it has suggested, then it doesn’t need to continue to tell you to move in that direction. Only when it’s time to change course, does it let you know it is time to adjust your actions.

One way the Heart is different from your car’s GPS system is that the Heart has many more possible “routes” or choices available to it, which are all equally acceptable to the Heart. The Heart doesn’t have a rigid plan for how you can fulfill your life plan. You can do this many, many different ways. The fact that you have such a guidance system doesn’t mean there is only one route you can take. The Heart and circumstances present you with many possible options, and you get to choose. And like your car’s GPS, once you choose that option, the Heart adjusts the “route” accordingly.

Your life and everyone else’s is by no means predetermined. What fun would that be! You are designed to be unique individuals experiencing a unique life. The possibilities are endless for what you can experience, and this is all wonderful to the Oneness, which is enjoying every choice ever made—yes, every choice!

The Oneness enjoys the learning that comes from every choice. That is the enjoyment it has. The Oneness also enjoys the challenges provided by those choices, just as you might enjoy a good puzzle or problem to solve. This is the enjoyment of life that you, too, feel when you are not entranced by the mind, which has a very narrow definition of what brings enjoyment. The Oneness knows nothing but joy, in fact. That is its state and your natural state, and this joy is accessible to you in every moment. This joy is a gift to you from the Oneness.

The Mystery is known by its qualities, for it has no face, no body, no gender, no thoughts even. The Mystery is known by just this subtle joy and love that you feel deeply in moments when you drop out of your mind and into your Heart. The Mystery has other qualities too, such as courage strength, peace, clarity, and acceptance. So, if you will all make this your prayer—to be in your Heart now and always, I will help you experience this more and more in your life. I wish you all joy and love today and always. Thank you for being here. I am with you always.

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