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Trusting Life

Overcoming the Fear and Beliefs That Block Peace and Happiness

Fear and distrust keep us from living the life we were meant to live, and they are the greatest hurdles to seeing the truth about life - that is good, abundant, supportive, and potentially joyous. Trusting Life is a deep exploration into the mystery of who we are, why we suffer, why we don't trust life, and how to become more trusting. It offers evidence that life is trustworthy and tools for overcoming the fear and beliefs that keep us from falling in love with life.

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If we persist in being involved with our egoic mind, the voice in our head, it will be difficult to discover the truth about reality—that living in reality, instead of the ego’s virtual reality, is a peaceful, safe, and joyous place and that within us is the wisdom and guidance we need to be happy and fulfilled. Being in the moment is where true happiness lies, but we won’t discover that if we’re wrapped up in the ego’s world and believing the ego’s perspective, which is one of fear and distrust. Trusting that life is good is so important because the degree to which we trust life is the degree to which we can be happy and at peace. Trusting Life will help you find that happiness and peace.

From Trusting Life:

“We will never come to trust life if we are trusting the thoughts that run through our mind because these thoughts don’t trust life. Before we can learn to trust something else, we first have to see that the voice in our head isn’t worthy of our trust. But fear is very convincing! The egoic mind keeps us believing it by scaring us. It tells us we won’t be safe if we don’t listen to it and do as it suggests: “You’ll end up on the street if you don’t take that job!” The ego assumes there’s nothing else guiding life—but there is! How can we discover this Mystery at the core of life if we continue to believe the voice in our head, which doesn’t believe in this Mystery?”

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  • “Nothing seemed to spark the healing I was seeking from within myself until reading one of Gina Lake’s books. I was hooked! I finally had that moment I was praying for. Her writing started the healing processes for me that I was so desperately seeking.” –M. M.
  • “If they taught this in schools, we could have world peace in a generation. This book is a magnificent treasure. It will be a book I will buy as a gift for my loved ones’ birthdays.” –G. Suiter
  • “So beautifully articulated! The art of trusting is remaining presently aware. Gina' s ability to pose questions to the heart make it easy to arrest the ego' s thoughts and surrender to the answers that lie within us.” –N. M.
  • “Thanks to this book, on many days, it is wonderful to wake up and simply see with my whole being (not just with the mind) that there is this vibrant aliveness everywhere and that trusting life truly makes complete sense.” –P. Schroeder
  • “Reading this book is like talking with a close, trusted friend who also happens to have deep insights on how fears and doubts arise and how they can be overcome. Insightful, instructive, and practical. This book has had a strong, immediate, and positive impact on me.” –J. Tyson
  • “The advice in this book really helped me at one of the most difficult times in my life. I truly think because I had it with me all the time and looked for solace in it that I healed much faster from a very painful and stressful time. I heartily recommend this if you are struggling, in mourning, or just want to feel better about the nature of life.” –C. Burton
  • “Gina is a gifted yet unpretentious spiritual healer. Trusting Life explains not only why we suffer but suggests paths and different modes of thinking and living that may help us overcome our troubled times and mind. If there is a better teacher than Gina on spiritual matters, I have yet to find him or her. Her compassion runs as deep as her wisdom.” –Elmer
  • “With surgical precision, Gina exposes the programming that we call the ego. She shows us how we are misguided and how redirecting our trust will bring us in alignment with our hearts. She provides practical guidance in changing our thinking.” –Luke M.
  • “If you have ever felt that you weren't living the life you were meant to live, that you've kept getting in your own way or felt lost, disconnected, or unfulfilled, Gina's profound, yet down to earth wisdom will help you get on track. This book illustrates how life is supporting us in every moment. If you are ready to stop living in fear and claim the happiness that has always been available to you, then this book is for you.” –L. K.
  • “In Trusting Life, the reader is carefully guided through a very accurate understanding of the inner workings of the mind/body. Never once does the author leave you feeling like you don't understand something. She holds your hand and doesn't let go 'till the very end. I think this is what sets her apart from everyone else. She speaks to me better than any other spiritual teacher. As you read, you are filled with breakthrough ‘Aha’ moments, and you know your life is already beginning to change.” –M.
  • “With this book, I’ve been able to notice and examine previously undiscovered and hidden mind-based thought forms, illusions, and memories that have been stored within myself. This has allowed me to uncover, feel within, and then stop listening to the many fictitious mental belief patterns that I hadn’t even realized were there.”—A. C.
  • “While reading this book I had quite a few moments where light bulbs were coming on in my brain. Gina Lake encourages you to look within yourself and lead with love. This is a great book for those seeking to be lifted out of the oppressive conditions of a life without purpose to enjoy the freedoms of trusting our heart.” –M. Abigail